Using Lapel Pins to Drive a Profitable Political Campaign

campaign buttons 250Who would ever think that something as simple as a lapel pin could help one achieve major popularity? In the scope of politics, it seems to be the case. Dating as far back as Dwight D. Eisenhower, lapel pins have always had a prominent place in American government. With all the chaos involved in running a prosperous campaign, precise pin order placement is the difference between running a profitable and profitless campaign. The proceeding tips summarize several steps for a creating a winning political campaign pin.

Set a budget. Since political campaigns call for other marketing mediums, such as signs, pamphlets and other materials, plan an initial budget of $5500 – $6000 for lapel pins. Although, the price may seem steep, expect a return of $19,250 to $24,750, which represents $4 to $5 donations per pin on a volume of 10,000-or whatever the political candidate prefers to charge for the campaign pin.

Start with a slogan. Just as any successful marketing campaign has a catchphrase, a similar concept applies to launching a victorious political campaign. Try to limit the campaign slogan to five words or less. Since pins with few words have a polished quality, less is more. Make sure that the slogan for the political campaign does not infringe on anyone’s copyrights.

Next, select a symbol that concurs with the campaign slogan. For example, an infinity symbol used with the campaign motto: “Social equality reigns forever,” or “Capitalism rules,” are concise tagline examples for the political pins.

Seek design support. Do not skimp on the pin’s design. Remember that in order for it to be an effective fundraising tool for motivating campaign donations, the design is vital. After all, it’s a lot easier to attain a donation with the purchase of a beautiful lapel pin than not. Subsequently to avoid any unnecessary surprises, search for a company that has experience designing lapel pins for political campaigns or that can provide support designing the pin. Select a company, who has the ability to provide complimentary design support at no extra cost.

Questions to ask before finalizing the custom lapel pins order:

Finally, during the order process, be sure to pose the following questions:

Since lapel pins are produced using different processes, ask the company which style is the most suitable for the project. Be sure and get a few recommendations, as not always the more expensive lapel pins have the highest return on investment.

When will the order be completed? If time is of the essence, most pin companies accommodate rush orders for a nominal fee. Will you receive a mock-up of the work? Prior to mass production, the pin company should send a virtual view of the product for any last minute changes.

In the end, well-designed lapel pins are a panacea for raising campaign funds.

Rosana Levesque is a graphic designer specializing in custom design of promotional items. She works at Sienna Pacific, manufacturer of custom lapel pins, award and recognition pins of the highest quality: from company and promotional pins, cause awareness and branding pins, even sports trading pins.

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