Political Techno Strategy

Political Techno Strategies are truly the great equalizer in American politics.

Whether you are a prospective candidate, already elected, a social activist, a volunteer, a 99% Occupy Guy or a Tea Partying Instigator—having a solid grasp of, and being ever informed of, best practices when it comes to “Electronic Campaigning” is crucial.

We have at our fingertips, Websites, Social Media, Group Thinking and Online Collaboration via email, or web conferencing, Mobile Marketing and Alerts, infographics, YouTube and geographic and demographically database identified voter targets.  It seems everyday bring a technological advancement in communication that can benefit a political strategy.

Force Multiplication with the stroke of a key.

With a basic knowledge, and some inside tips, you can be successful whether you have millions of 527 dollars to spend, or are collecting donations at $5 a pop via mobile donations!

For the most part the tools are available and easy to use. They are tools which enable you to ENGAGE and ACTIVATE.

It is important that you treat your online/digital campaign as an extension of yourself. It is not simply an electronic brochure or leaflet. It is an opportunity for your campaign to be out front 24/7.

It doesn’t take a genius to read the numbers. More and more we are tethered to our computers and mobile devices as our days seem to get shorter and shorter and our responses faster and faster. If you aren’t engaging the voter or supporter “WHERE THEY LIVE”—you’re missing the boat.

The web, mobile and social media afford you the opportunity to engage the disengaged populace.

This isn’t a joke, but when in doubt, ask a 15 year old to help you define your strategy!

If the mantra of Real Estate is “location, location, location”, then the mantra of online campaigning and politics in general is “Engage, Engage, Engage.”

The following chapters outline some of the basic strategies you might deploy in developing your successful Political Techno Strategy. Things change quickly in terms of sites, trends and tactics. Staying on top of them can get you distracted from your goal.

If you simply keep in mind that you are using the technology to your advantage by ENGAGING your constituents, technology will serve you, versus you serving technology.

Still water gathers moss, rolling stones turn into snowballs—and sometimes an avalanche. (Or is that still water runs deep; rolling stones gather no moss and politics makes strange bedfellows? Yikes!) Pick your own cliché and run with it.

Always remember—no matter what marketing strategy you deploy, even saying “hi” to someone in the grocery store line WILL be Googled (searched).

It is of the utmost importance that you (a) participate and therefore (b) do your best to control your message, image and hopeful growing importance and supporter base.