Tips on Getting Involved in Politics

public speaking 2Getting angry won’t change San Diego politics, but getting involved might! All over the country, Americans are expressing increasing dissatisfaction with government. A tanking economy is sure to provoke government satisfaction in any era, but on top of that America also has unpopular wars on terrorism to stir up the public. Government overspending in some areas, and brutal funding cuts in others, has created political decisions in America that all too often are not a representation of the mass opinion.

If you are interested in having your say in San Diego Politics, here are some tips for getting involved in your local and state government.

1. Attend every town meeting. Good citizens go to their town meetings. You can learn a lot about projected roadways, educational cutbacks, state and city budget decisions, healthcare reform, and environmental issues at town meetings. You can also have your say in letting your leaders know what you think about state and national political issues.

2. Volunteer at your party’s political office. Visit your party’s website online (you can find it by searching for the San Diego County Democratic Party, the San Diego County Republican Party, or the San Diego County Green Party). At each of these websites, you can get information on volunteering for your chosen party. Political parties need volunteers on election days, on helping voters register, helping with mailing out materials, writing letters to newspaper editors, and taking or placing phone calls for your political office.

3. Become a neighborhood precinct representative for your political party. You can hold political meetings, contact voters in behalf of your political party, and become an important figure in your local party. ([]) is a San Diego Politics [] here to serve the citizens of cities and counties of California. We specialize in local and statewide issues that affect you and your local communities.

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