Yard Signs Don’t Win Elections

Yard signsToday’s thoughts come from the campaign trail so let’s get right to the point…Yard Signs Don’t Win Elections. I have spent numerous hours putting together signs and then canvassing streets till all hours of the night. The burning question that comes to mind is; did my 30,000 yard signs change the democratic wave that hit the voting booths? [Read more…]

Starting Your Political Campaign Off the Right Way

Local campaignBy Paul R Turner –

When trying to decide which political office you want to run for, think of your eventual campaign message. You’ll want to make sure that you go for the office you are good at. Some public offices are administrative, where your ability to handle staff and serve the public is the major criterion. Are you good at paperwork? Can you handle subordinates? [Read more…]

Is Apathy Alive And Well Amongst Youth In Our Twenty-First Century Political Scene?

youthStatistics show that a large proportion of young potential voters, have not yet registered on the Electoral Roll. Why is this the case and what solutions can be put into place to rectify this situation? The latest figures of 1.5 million Australians, who are eligible to vote, have not yet enrolled. Naturally, this is of concern as the pre election campaigning has kicked off, and political parties are desperate to secure their support. [Read more…]

Defense of the One Person One Vote Concept

voteEver since the American concept of ‘the people’ electing those who would represent them, in a government made up of individuals from the collective referred to as ‘the people,’ with each of ‘the people’ having one vote, there have been those who would game the system to obtain influence over making, enforcing and interpreting the laws by which ‘the people’ live. [Read more…]

How To Win & Lose An Election

social media2By CJ Jacobs –

It is hard to avoid an election campaign at the moment as wherever you turn, there is either the beginnings, the post mortem or the heavy campaigning part of some major political contest. In terms of us in Australia, in this stretch from 2005-2007, we have had the UK elections of 2005, the Queensland and Victoria state elections of 2006, the US mid-term elections of 2006 and then next year the NSW state and the Australian Federal election. All of these have a significant influence on our daily lives and our future policies and outcomes. N [Read more…]

The Need For Term Limits in Congress

Congressional sealBy Mary Funari –

There is a crisis of epidemic portions in this country, and it continues to attack the American People. This growing epidemic has it ground zero in Washington, DC and it’s center of origin is Congress. This epidemic didn’t start rapidly and overnight, it has grown slowly and under our very noses. In fact the American People have played a huge part in the growth of this pathogen. We have let greed and ambition run rampant in our nation’s capital. [Read more…]

How To Become A Politician

candidate 2Politicians occupy a very special place in our society. As voters, we choose them to make the rules that we all have to live by, and as taxpayers, we trust them to take some of our money and spend it in a way that benefits us all. It’s perhaps unsurprising then, that being a politician is not like any other job. [Read more…]

A Moderate Political Viewpoint – The Need for a Moderate Political Action Committee

candidateRight now in the United States, moderates feel squeezed out of the political process by both parties. The time has come for level-headed and centristic/moderates to make ourselves known. Neither conservatives, nor liberals truly speak for us, the often silent, but powerful majority. Polarized extremists on each end of the political spectrum state their views forcefully and loudly, however, the moderate majority has primarily gone [Read more…]

Our Founding Father’s Wanted a Citizen Run Government – That Means All Citizens Rich and Poor

We want youBy Lance Winslow –

Well, our Founding Fathers sure seemed to understand the issues of power, dictator tyranny, human nature, primate politics, and government didn’t they? Indeed, the documents they drew up were pretty decent along with their ideas for a citizen run government, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it. But before you get all warm and fuzzy, why not consider the challenges this causes, and what happens when a “pure democracy” is granted, when those very citizens are promised something by the duly elected, which they simply can never deliver, those duly elected being citizens. [Read more…]

Local Political Marketing – The Strategies Which Spell Victory or Defeat

victoryPolitical marketing in small-town America, vying for those coveted primary nominations and ultimate general elections, can be one of life’s most challenging experiences. Just as in our large-scale elections, every nuance of one’s character is exposed for all to see. How those personal traits are judged can make or break a candidate, something we witness daily on a sometimes tragic, national scale. [Read more…]