Politics, Elections and the Law of Attraction

map ballot boxBy Philip Harris –

Politics and the Law of Attraction definitely mix. When people think of the Law of Attraction (LOA) they tend to focus upon money, health, relationships, employment and generally personal issues. However, the basic tenet of the LOA is that it operates all of the time, in every situation and at every level of society. There is no time or place or issue that is not under the LOA. Gravity works on the planet for the rich and the poor, for the young and the old, for Republicans and Democrats as doe the LOA. [Read more…]

The Transparency Behind Elections

victoryElections are a system by which a large audience gets the chance to vote for a candidate to represent them in a governing body. This is one of the fundamental democratic processes that give equal rights to vote to the audience in general. The persons voting the candidate in the elections are called the electorate and the person being voted for is referred to as the candidate for election. [Read more…]