7 Steps To Political Empowerment

political platformIf you feel overwhelmed and frustrated by our government leaders and apathetic about your own partisan destiny, there is a way out of your political malaise.

Here are 7 simple steps you can take to refresh yourself and participate in our democratic republic. [Read more…]

Defense of the One Person One Vote Concept

voteEver since the American concept of ‘the people’ electing those who would represent them, in a government made up of individuals from the collective referred to as ‘the people,’ with each of ‘the people’ having one vote, there have been those who would game the system to obtain influence over making, enforcing and interpreting the laws by which ‘the people’ live. [Read more…]

Do You Vote?

Vote250A few days ago, I received the following email message (I’ve edited out the personal details):

“Subject: Do You Vote?”

“I apologize ahead of time if this is in any way beyond the boundaries of our communication…”

“I don’t usually get into discussions where people have such high emotions linked to their opinions on a topic.” [Read more…]