Addressing Low Voter Turnout in a Mid-Year Election

negative pollBy Patti Schwartz

We have heard the pundits and read the bloggers discuss the reasons for continual low voter turnout. This has especially come to light with the recent special election held in Florida.

Historically, mid-year election voter turnout is low. However, the so-called mid year elections races are the ones that tend to have a more direct effect on our lives. A senatorial, congressional, gubernatorial, mayoral or village dog control officer race will ultimately touch on more personal topics than a presidential race. It is normally not until after all the votes are tallied that voters; especially those that did not go to the polls, begin to voice their disdain and criticism. [Read more…]

Calculating Political Campaign Issues and Voter Turnout

All elections boards keep records of the results in every political campaign election going back for several years. These records are public records and can be obtained at you local elections office. The people who work in elections offices are usually pretty good about helping you find what you need. We have always found them to be polite and helpful.

You should keep in mind, however, that elections offices are always in a boom or bust cycle. Shortly before the filing deadline for the primary campaign season they are very busy, so if you go in then and ask to see the statistics, they might give you short shrift. [Read more…]