Social Media Strategy: Use Multiple Touch Points to Create a Brand

social media2Barack Obama used multiple “touch points” and social media platforms to create a brand that was a key ingredient to winning the Presidency in 2008. His brand strategy is a case study for marketers to study in creating brand in a New Media Age. President Obama’s branding strategy is something that is a distinct paradigm change from previous social media strategy and branding. [Read more…]

Politics – The Role of Mass Media

mass mediaThe Internet is one of the greatest tools against censorship. Bloggers can get information out within seconds using either Twitter, Facebook, personal blogs or reporting in little videos that are afterward shared on YouTube. [Read more…]

MySpace Launching Political Careers?

social media2Presidents frequently pour massive amounts of money into their election campaigns- this is nothing new. What is new, however, is a new fad for the upcoming election- MySpace. Yes, the same social networking website that young teenagers use to communicate and make new friends. And why not? There is already for significant commercial potential on MySpace – internet marketers have found a place to gain massive traffic for their sites and reap the rewards in terms of monetization. [Read more…]

Social Media and Politics

Political Social Media“Social media and politics” is a theme that’s been growing in prominence and attracting a great deal of debate lately. The use of Facebook, Twitter and such like provides a means that facilitates the quick and rapid spread of messages among the masses as seen in the recent uprisings of Tunisia and Egypt. [Read more…]

How SEO Consultants Can Use Social Media Marketing to Achieve Results in Political Campaigns

Social media marketing has becoFacebookme an essential method of campaigning for political office. During the U.S. presidential campaign in 2008, the Barack Obama campaign team had harnessed the power of social media advertising to achieve victory. This was a phenomenon at that time. [Read more…]

Impact of Social Media on Society

Political Social Media“Do you have Facebook?”

“Yes, of course. But I don’t think you can find me, as there are too many people who have the same name as me. Try searching with my surname as well.”

“Hey, you celebrated your birthday in K-Box, right? I saw the photos in your Facebook.”

“Bro, I saw your comments about the YouTube video that I’ve posted in my blog. I’m happy that you are also deeply moved by the ‘Dancing Peacock Man’ as well.” [Read more…]