The Presidents of Mount Rushmore: Could Any of Them Win the Election Today?

mt rushmoreOne of the nation’s renowned historic sites is Mount Rushmore, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It took 14 years to carve Mount Rushmore, cost just under a million dollars, and has nearly three million visitors a year. The four presidents whose faces are carved in this famous mountain are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. [Read more…]

Is There a Future For Graduates of Political Science?

question300Can one make a living out of political science? The answer to this question will be answered below. But before proceeding, it is also important to know the basics of this course. So, what really is political science? This question is often the most basic point that students of law, politicians, and even laymen are trying to answer in their quest to understand politics. [Read more…]

Running For Office – Raising the Money

fundraisingBy Larry D Miller –

As idealistically as we would like to look at public service, politics and political campaigns run on money. How much you need depends on the level of office you seek, the finances of your competition and the nature of your local economy and broadcast market. Whatever your aspiration, it has been said correctly, money is the mothers’ milk of politics. The purpose of this piece is not to consider the propriety of this situation, but to help you work within the real world constraints of the system. [Read more…]

How To Become A Politician

Politicians occupolitical partiespy a very special place in our society. As voters, we choose them to make the rules that we all have to live by, and as taxpayers, we trust them to take some of our money and spend it in a way that benefits us all. It’s perhaps unsurprising then, that being a politician is not like any other job. [Read more…]

Beware Of Leaders Who Talk About Others

SpeakingHave you ever overheard someone in a leadership position say derogatory things about someone they disagree with, behind that person’s back? Have you ever observed a leader say nice things and compliment someone publicly or to their face, but stab them in the back, and turn on them, when they think the other won’t know? [Read more…]

Running For Office – What to Do After Choosing Your Campaign Slogan

candidateAfter choosing a political campaign slogan in your race for office, your next step as a candidate should be to get your hands on elections statistics from the last two or three cycles. The election statistics will tell you the results in the last elections, the total number who voted, the number who voted in your race, the number who voted in similar races. [Read more…]

Why You Should Get Involved in Local Politics

Local campaignWith the Presidential campaign well under way, everyone is super excited about who will be the next Commander-In-Chief. But being President isn’t the only game in town so to speak, there are thousands of individuals who work in our government in a variety of ways.Whether working on the economy, the environment, the education of our young people of the safety of our citizens, these people are the backbone and brain that holds up the Head of Nation. [Read more…]

Leadership Coaching: The “Look” Of A Winning Candidate

candidate 2Beauty Is Skin Deep And More

Beauty is skin deep, a lot of people would say. What matters is character and substance in a person. But we can’t actually help it. It’s not that easy to ignore somebody’s appearance when we make social judgments. Looks matter, not just in romantic relationships but in our interactions with other people. The good news, however, is that when we talk about appearance, we don’t limit it to the beauty dimension. There are other qualities of one’s appearance that are noteworthy. [Read more…]

Running For Office – The Five Keys to Victory

victoryBy Peter Kroywen –

Running for political office at the state and local level is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. It is also one of the most difficult and challenging things a human being can put themselves through. You will be put under an enormous amount of pressure and be expected to thrive in this environment. [Read more…]