What Role Does the Media Play in Politics?

Press release 2The Media is without a doubt one of the most powerful tools of influence for good or evil in modern day politics.

This judgment is based upon years of independent study of the British political model, but simple comparisons worldwide clearly display that the same traits and rules of engagement hold true throughout most western democracies. [Read more…]

Politics – The Role of Mass Media

mass mediaThe Internet is one of the greatest tools against censorship. Bloggers can get information out within seconds using either Twitter, Facebook, personal blogs or reporting in little videos that are afterward shared on YouTube. [Read more…]

When Politics Become a Personal Career

candidate 2To give you a simple definition, a career politician is someone who makes politics his/her main source of his/her income – it’s the bread and butter for the survival of their family, clan, or dependents.

This is the picture of modern Philippine politics wherein the vast majority of those who are currently holding elected posts consider the entry into politics a profitable, lucrative venture. [Read more…]

The Role of Media in Politics

mediaWhat role does the powerful new media play in Politics? The short and long term effects cannot be denied. But does the new media offer us sound political information or simply entertain us for profit and ratings? [Read more…]

Tips on Getting Involved in Politics

public speaking 2Getting angry won’t change San Diego politics, but getting involved might! All over the country, Americans are expressing increasing dissatisfaction with government. A tanking economy is sure to provoke government satisfaction in any era, but on top of that America also has unpopular wars on terrorism to stir up the public. Government overspending in some areas, and brutal funding cuts in others, has created political decisions in America that all too often are not a representation of the mass opinion. [Read more…]

Money, Politics, and Elections

How to Raise PAC MoneyGeorge Washington said it so well, “Few men have the virtue to withstand the highest bidder.” Exactly what effect does money have on politics, at what point does money corrupt elections, and when will the monetary cost of winning elections stop escalating? [Read more…]