5 Reasons Why Political Candidates Should Create Campaign Websites Early

Political Candidate Web DesignMost election campaigns are comprised of two parts – the primary campaign and the general election campaign. A primary narrows down the candidates of each party who seek a particular office. The winner(s) of the primary election go on to be listed on the ballot for the general election. It’s the general election that determines who ultimately wins the office.

Many local candidates make the mistake of waiting to start a campaign website. They may feel that they do not need one until the general election. Or they may not want to put in the investment until after they’ve won their primary. That can be a big mistake! Not putting enough effort early on can doom a candidate’s changes of political success. [Read more…]

Politico – a Political WordPress Theme

politicoPolitico is a Political WordPress Theme.  WordPress is an easy to use and very popular content management system and best of all it’s free.


  • Translation ready (.POT file included)
  • WordPress 3.0 menu support
  • UNLIMITED banner colors [Read more…]

What Does Your Campaign Website Say About You?

Congressional Campaign WebsiteYou only have one chance to make a good first impression. For political campaign websites, visitors are probably looking for information, so they may be more likely to stick around longer. But even if a visitor decides to learn more about you as a candidate, what you say and how you present yourself online influences voter support.

So, what does your campaign website say about you?

Does it say ‘Vote for Me’? Do you actually ‘make the ask’? Are the words ‘vote for’ and a date prominently displayed on the site? Too often this critical information is nowhere to be found. Oh, and make sure your ballot name is presented consistently! [Read more…]