The Political Party – A Tool Or Tyranny

political partiesAn article appeared on on January 2, 2009 about the trouble the Democrats are having and are expecting to have this coming election year. The Democrats are in danger of losing Congressional seats to the Republicans. Reading this article causes me to reflect again on the important role political parties have played in our country’s history. In my article of July 18, 2009, I used George Washington’s farewell address to argue that political parties are inherently bad for the country, and that while we cannot get rid of the party system altogether, we should avoid the spirit of the political party. [Read more…]

False Dichotomy: The Two-Party Political Farce

political partiesPolitically active people in America, with the help of the corporate media, believe the nation is governed by a two-party political system. Upon closer inspection it’s more likely that special interest groups own both parties and use the false dichotomy to effectively push their agenda. [Read more…]