Running a Political Campaign Against an Incumbent Politician

If ycandidate 2ou’re a new candidate running a political campaign for office against an incumbent, you might realize something while you are pouring over past election statistics and voter lists: that your opponent is a politician who may be unbeatable.

There are many competent, popular and experienced politicians who know how to win election campaigns. Your analysis may show you that you can’t win. This, too, is worth knowing because you don’t want to get into a campaign against a politician who you can’t beat.

If the votes aren’t there, they aren’t there. If you have to rely on the “heart attack strategy,” where your only chance of winning depends on your opponent dying of a heart attack, then perhaps you shouldn’t file petitions to run a political campaign.

There are, on the other hand, many politicians who are jerks and who can be easily picked off by a competent political campaign. If your opponent is one who can be picked off, it will show in the election statistics. They will show you exactly where and how you can do it. If there is an open seat with no incumbent, and you’re looking for the edge, the election statistics will show you where it can be found.

Reviewing election statistics is a subjective kind of analysis, of course, and whether or not you win is often a very iffy question. Realistically, your analysis is most likely to indicate that you might have a chance at winning your campaign against an incumbent politician, might be able to reach that magic number if everything goes right. [Read more…]

Purchasing Political Media With a Limited Campaign Budget

Social Media 2This year the political fundraising challenge is more difficult than ever. A Texas candidate who in the last election cycle was able to raise nearly two million dollars for a statewide race has found that fundraising, even in Texas, a State that has escaped the brunt of economic hardship, is very difficult. Even with major endorsements and strong name recognition, the weakness of our economy has become reality for political candidates. [Read more…]