Political Fundraising

Online fundraising 2.For political candidates, it’s easy enough for them to know where they stand on most issues. That’s why they run for office to begin with. Candidates know why they want to hold office and what areas their expertise will benefit. The biggest barrier to elected office is often the hardest to overcome – it comes down to money. Money gives a campaign a fighting chance to spread its message and let voters know your political platform. Without money, a campaign simply cannot properly implement a campaign strategy. [Read more…]

Intimate Fundraising Events – Parlor Meetings, Political Fundraisers and Investment Parties

How to Raise Campaign MoneyBy Rivka C Willick –

Great ideas often lead to big things, but somewhere along the way investments and fundraising are often required. Non-profits, political causes, and commercial startups all need cash to expand and grow. Although many groups may dream of a mega grant or super venture capitalist, support from small donors and individual investors are often the foundation from which all things grow. [Read more…]

Political Fund Raising At It’s Best

Political fund raising is ofundraisingften very misunderstood with all that happens in politics. There are millions of dollars raised every year for one campaign or another. There are some very basic rules to apply for raising money when running for a political office or position. This article will look at some of the dos and don’ts of political fund raising. [Read more…]

Voter Falloff and Campaign Finance in Political Campaigns

How to Raise PAC MoneySometimes it’s hard to tell exactly how many votes you might need to win your political race, even if you do have the campaign finance tools in place to raise a lot of money. Your opponent might be an incumbent who has not had any opposition in the last couple times out. If that’s the case, you can look at recent election results from comparable races in nearby districts. For example, look at how many votes it took to get elected alderman in the adjoining wards when the race was contested. [Read more…]

Top 4 Tips for Starting Up an Online Fundraising Campaign

Online fundraising 2.Conducting a fundraising event or program may look like a great race that must be accomplished, successfully. You might have your targeted goals as well as a valid and noble cause for raising funds, but may not be well aware of the strategies required for reaching out to the world and convince others for giving donations. Online fundraising can be the best option as it is an easy and instant process where donors can make donations in a comfortable manner. It offers you a large platform where you can reach out to millions of people within a short period of time. Here are a few tips that might help you in getting more funds for your event cause. [Read more…]

How To Cash-In With Political Fundraising Leads

How to Raise PAC MoneyBy Don Drapers –

Reaching Your Goal With Political Fundraising Leads

You are a tireless worker, passionate about your goals, but there are only so many hours in a day and you have so much ground to cover with each campaign! There are plenty of people out there who would donate to your political causes and campaigns, but finding them can be a daunting task even for a seasoned fundraiser. The solution is as close as your mailbox! Political fundraising leads are customized to suit your specific needs saving you countless hours of searching for donors who would love to contribute to your political project or spending hours pitching to someone who has no serious interest in what you are trying to accomplish.

Professional companies have already spent years developing a wide range of databases to provide you with lists of viable donors who fit the exact description of what you are looking for. Regardless of your party affiliation, political philosophies, project requirements, or other variables there are donors who want to hear from you and assist you with your project. The size of your project does not matter. Leads are available from all socioeconomic levels, triggered by factors such as zip code, party affiliation, income level, age level, activity level, and even past philanthropic activity.

This helps to insure that every postage stamp, email, fax and ounce of energy is put to its highest and best use. You want to be a good steward of your organization’s time and money. They have placed their trust in you, and you take your duties seriously. Finding worthy donors who will welcome your communication and act upon it can assure the success of your important work. You can select from mailing lists, call lists, fax lists and of course Internet lists.

You choose the demographic and the companies do the rest. There are more than 100 lifestyle and demographic categories to pick from, assuring you of the most specific and effective group of donors you can possibly find. Reaching your funding goals has never been more direct than targeting exactly the right donors the first time you try. Make your next campaign the one everyone will be talking about for years to come with professional leads.

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Fundraising Registration – Have You Filed Properly?

fundraisingNonprofit fundraising is regulated by the state in which the fundraising occurs. And most states require nonprofits to re-register each year.

To find your state’s nonprofit fundraising registration requirements, exemptions, fees, paperwork and process, go to the nationwide website listed below and search for your home state. Also, at this website, you can find the “unified registration form” that allows you to register your nonprofit in multiple states with the submission of a single set of paperwork. [Read more…]

The Easiest Way to Increase Political Fundraising Today

Political Fundraising StrategyOnce you make the decision to place your name on the ballot, then the real job begins. Raising money. Unless you are the rare candidate who can self-finance, the job of finding money will land on your daily to-do list.

The key to political fundraising success, as we have learned from Obama and others, is the multiplier effect. It is best to seek a large amount of small donations. The term “large” is relative to your situation. In a community race, three hundred donations might suffice, in a major city race, three thousand might just get you started. So how do you start the multiplier effect for your campaign? [Read more…]

How Will You Collect Maximum Donations From Your Political Fundraiser?

Political Fundraising StrategyYou will hardly find anyone who will readily contribute money for a fundraiser. And if it’s a political fundraiser, then it becomes all the more difficult to raise funds. Whether citizens will donate or not depends entirely on how you project yourself and your party in front of the public. The way of presentation needs to be good enough to believe in you and your cause. Remember, half of the battle is won once you succeed in winning their confidence.

Let me discuss some of the quickest and easiest ways to collect money from your political fundraiser.
Promote Your Fundraiser Live! [Read more…]