Purchasing Political Media With a Limited Campaign Budget

Social Media 2This year the political fundraising challenge is more difficult than ever. A Texas candidate who in the last election cycle was able to raise nearly two million dollars for a statewide race has found that fundraising, even in Texas, a State that has escaped the brunt of economic hardship, is very difficult. Even with major endorsements and strong name recognition, the weakness of our economy has become reality for political candidates. [Read more…]

The Role of Volunteers in a Campaign For Local Office – Part 2

politician's familyWe previously discussed the first three of the seven distinct elements of a local campaign requiring volunteers.

The seven elements are:

1. Developing printed materials for fundraising, canvassing, mailing, and lit drops [Read more…]

How to Stay Civil in Politics

SpeakingStaying civil in politics is often difficult for candidates to achieve. Especially prior to elections many turn to mud throwing and personal attacks instead of playing the ball – and discussing the topics at hand from a common ground of mutual respect. [Read more…]

Using WordPress Theme Templates to Build Political Campaign Websites

WordPressBy Paul R Turner –

It wasn’t long ago that candidates running for local office had to pay a lot of money to professional website development companies if they wanted an impressive political campaign site to showcase their candidacy. Today, though, any candidate can create and manage their own campaign website with WordPress, a free content management program. [Read more…]

Campaign Yard Signs – Are Red, White and Blue the Best Color Options?

Standing Out From the CrowdYard signs

The most important consideration when choosing colors for a campaign sign is to choose colors that contrast so that voters are drawn to the sign. Also, be sure to choose colors and a design that makes the text easily readable. Choosing a red, white and blue color scheme is usually readable if the text is of an appropriate size and font, but the sign will get lost the in the crowd. [Read more…]

Make Your Next Political Campaign Memorable With Promotional Gifts

vote2If you are running for any kind of political office you already know that there is a great deal of money required for advertising for your campaign. Traditional advertising in the print and electronic media are essential – however, when utilized with the proper promotional products your campaign can have a much more powerful impact. [Read more…]

5 Ways PACs Can Take Your Political Campaign to the Next Level

super pacsIf you’re even thinking about running for political office, you’ve probably already heard of political action committees (PACs). PACs are groups organized to support political candidates by making contributions to their campaigns. These PACs raise money from their membership for the specific purpose of getting people elected who agree with them on one or several specific issues. So, how do you get your share of the political money from PACs? Well, I’m going to give you five tips to ensure that you receive the maximum number of contributions from PACs in the shortest amount of time. [Read more…]

Incorporating Custom USB Drives Into A Political Campaign

usbElection season is now upon us and the competition is heating up in many areas of the country. Anyone running for office is probably feeling quite nervous by now. In order to have a fighting chance, candidates must distinguish themselves from their competition. But, how can they do that when their campaign budget is limited? Three words: custom USB drives. These little wonders are a great way for politicians to capture the support of voters. [Read more…]

Texting – Fostering and Sustaining

A Cellular phone is one of the indispensable communication tools for many nowadays. They view it as an extension of their body, life, and personality. Many cell phone companies are now rising to produce various cell phone units that fit the needs of the consumers in a very affordable cost. With this proliferation of cellular phones, you can hardly identify which person owns a mobile unit and who doesn’t. The number of cell phone users is increasing because of the mobile phone’s easy to use interface and its multi-purpose features which includes fast and global connectivity. Indeed, a cellular phone is a must-have. [Read more…]