7 Steps To Political Empowerment

political platformIf you feel overwhelmed and frustrated by our government leaders and apathetic about your own partisan destiny, there is a way out of your political malaise.

Here are 7 simple steps you can take to refresh yourself and participate in our democratic republic. [Read more…]

Local Election Strategy For New Political Campaign Candidates

politician's familyBy Paul R Turner –

If you’re a new candidate who is running for office in a local election political campaign, you might be confused about what kind of strategy you should use for winning votes. Local elections are very different from statewide or national campaigns that you are used to seeing on television every year [Read more…]

Social Media Strategy: Use Multiple Touch Points to Create a Brand

social media2Barack Obama used multiple “touch points” and social media platforms to create a brand that was a key ingredient to winning the Presidency in 2008. His brand strategy is a case study for marketers to study in creating brand in a New Media Age. President Obama’s branding strategy is something that is a distinct paradigm change from previous social media strategy and branding. [Read more…]

Have You Ever Considered Running For Public Office?

women politicianRecently, a political blogger I know, and actually disagree with politically announced his running for a Congressional District near me. Now, realize, I would never vote for this gentleman and have even had discussions, well, political arguments online with him. Nevertheless, I applaud anyone willing to tough it out in the world of politics, it’s a rough sport. [Read more…]

Political Fund Raising At It’s Best

Political fund raising is ofundraisingften very misunderstood with all that happens in politics. There are millions of dollars raised every year for one campaign or another. There are some very basic rules to apply for raising money when running for a political office or position. This article will look at some of the dos and don’ts of political fund raising. [Read more…]

Voter Falloff and Campaign Finance in Political Campaigns

How to Raise PAC MoneySometimes it’s hard to tell exactly how many votes you might need to win your political race, even if you do have the campaign finance tools in place to raise a lot of money. Your opponent might be an incumbent who has not had any opposition in the last couple times out. If that’s the case, you can look at recent election results from comparable races in nearby districts. For example, look at how many votes it took to get elected alderman in the adjoining wards when the race was contested. [Read more…]

How to How to Use Twitter As Part of a Successful Political Lobbying Campaign

twitter2Earlier this year, I was called in to run the social media aspect of a political lobbying campaign.

The campaign was a success, in no small part due to my use of Twitter:

* I “branded” the client’s tweets with a permanent link to their website [Read more…]

Running a Political Campaign Against an Incumbent Politician

If ycandidate 2ou’re a new candidate running a political campaign for office against an incumbent, you might realize something while you are pouring over past election statistics and voter lists: that your opponent is a politician who may be unbeatable.

There are many competent, popular and experienced politicians who know how to win election campaigns. Your analysis may show you that you can’t win. This, too, is worth knowing because you don’t want to get into a campaign against a politician who you can’t beat.

If the votes aren’t there, they aren’t there. If you have to rely on the “heart attack strategy,” where your only chance of winning depends on your opponent dying of a heart attack, then perhaps you shouldn’t file petitions to run a political campaign.

There are, on the other hand, many politicians who are jerks and who can be easily picked off by a competent political campaign. If your opponent is one who can be picked off, it will show in the election statistics. They will show you exactly where and how you can do it. If there is an open seat with no incumbent, and you’re looking for the edge, the election statistics will show you where it can be found.

Reviewing election statistics is a subjective kind of analysis, of course, and whether or not you win is often a very iffy question. Realistically, your analysis is most likely to indicate that you might have a chance at winning your campaign against an incumbent politician, might be able to reach that magic number if everything goes right. [Read more…]

5 Things Political Campaigns Can Do To Get More Social Network Followers And Expand Their Brands

Social Media 2Social networks are a great way to build your campaign’s brand. The more people you have following you, the easier it is to release messaging and quickly mobilize your supporters. I frequently get email from campaigns asking how to increase traffic to their websites, blogs and social networks. Here are 5 simple ways you can promote your campaign’s brand and build a reliable following online. [Read more…]

Maintaining a Political Campaign Web Presence

campaign website2‘If you build a website, they will come’ is still a common belief held by many new to the internet. However, the reality is that people won’t come to your political campaign website unless you promote it both online and offline. [Read more…]