How to Raise Money For a Local Political Campaign

Online fundraisingWithout a doubt, one of the most unfortunate parts of being a candidate in a local political campaign is the necessity of raising money from donors. Asking contributors to give money to your campaign can be a very uncomfortable thing to do for a new candidate, but winning your local election is much easier if you have enough money in the bank. While it might be difficult for you to get used to asking for donations, there are some simple tips you can use to make the process easier. [Read more…]

Intimate Fundraising Events – Parlor Meetings, Political Fundraisers and Investment Parties

How to Raise Campaign MoneyBy Rivka C Willick –

Great ideas often lead to big things, but somewhere along the way investments and fundraising are often required. Non-profits, political causes, and commercial startups all need cash to expand and grow. Although many groups may dream of a mega grant or super venture capitalist, support from small donors and individual investors are often the foundation from which all things grow. [Read more…]

Running For Office – Raising the Money

fundraisingBy Larry D Miller –

As idealistically as we would like to look at public service, politics and political campaigns run on money. How much you need depends on the level of office you seek, the finances of your competition and the nature of your local economy and broadcast market. Whatever your aspiration, it has been said correctly, money is the mothers’ milk of politics. The purpose of this piece is not to consider the propriety of this situation, but to help you work within the real world constraints of the system. [Read more…]

Top 4 Tips for Starting Up an Online Fundraising Campaign

Online fundraising 2.Conducting a fundraising event or program may look like a great race that must be accomplished, successfully. You might have your targeted goals as well as a valid and noble cause for raising funds, but may not be well aware of the strategies required for reaching out to the world and convince others for giving donations. Online fundraising can be the best option as it is an easy and instant process where donors can make donations in a comfortable manner. It offers you a large platform where you can reach out to millions of people within a short period of time. Here are a few tips that might help you in getting more funds for your event cause. [Read more…]

Fundraising Registration – Have You Filed Properly?

fundraisingNonprofit fundraising is regulated by the state in which the fundraising occurs. And most states require nonprofits to re-register each year.

To find your state’s nonprofit fundraising registration requirements, exemptions, fees, paperwork and process, go to the nationwide website listed below and search for your home state. Also, at this website, you can find the “unified registration form” that allows you to register your nonprofit in multiple states with the submission of a single set of paperwork. [Read more…]