7 Steps To Political Empowerment

political platformIf you feel overwhelmed and frustrated by our government leaders and apathetic about your own partisan destiny, there is a way out of your political malaise.

Here are 7 simple steps you can take to refresh yourself and participate in our democratic republic. [Read more…]

Elections – Appropriate Candidates Selected Through Verdict of the People

women politicianThe process of elections is very simple since a qualified mass of individuals are given the opportunity to elect their representative to a public office. This is one of the oldest processes where every individual in continuance of his right to vote, can decide on the selection of his or her candidate. The decision is again based on the candidate’s personal profile, which highlights the various achievements and successes he or she has had in the past. The work done by the candidate for the masses also play a significant role in deciding who will be holding the specific post in public office. [Read more…]

How To Win Elections And Influence Voters – Five Traits Of Charismatic Politicians And People

vote2Unlike the traditional think tank, whose ideas are introduced into the mainstream only after decades of academic discussion, it is this organization’s duty to promote the greater awareness of American politics through mass appeal. We believe it is also the American politician’s duty to be in touch with his constituency and communicate more effectively to them than as most do currently. [Read more…]

The Transparency Behind Elections

victoryElections are a system by which a large audience gets the chance to vote for a candidate to represent them in a governing body. This is one of the fundamental democratic processes that give equal rights to vote to the audience in general. The persons voting the candidate in the elections are called the electorate and the person being voted for is referred to as the candidate for election. [Read more…]

Elections – How to Decide Who Deserves Your Vote

Vote250Elections are an exciting, yet sometimes confusing time for many voters. Whilst some people immediately know which party they’re going to give their vote, others are uncertain about the options they’re presented with. [Read more…]

Why Don’t More People Vote in Elections?

votingQuite unfortunately, perhaps the proper question to be asked is “Why vote in elections?”

Historically America has maintained a two party political system and although the names may change, like the Whigs to the Republicans, the idea was a checks and balance system of government. Each party was to hold a different philosophy on most major issues and by voting one party or the other, the people could dictate the direction of the country. [Read more…]

Do Elections Really Matter?

vote3When allegations of corruption continue year after year, when campaign promises become meaningless, when the word “change” means one thing to the voter and another thing to the candidate, we must wonder whether elections really matter at all. [Read more…]

Money, Politics, and Elections

How to Raise PAC MoneyGeorge Washington said it so well, “Few men have the virtue to withstand the highest bidder.” Exactly what effect does money have on politics, at what point does money corrupt elections, and when will the monetary cost of winning elections stop escalating? [Read more…]