The Need For Term Limits in Congress

Congressional sealBy Mary Funari –

There is a crisis of epidemic portions in this country, and it continues to attack the American People. This growing epidemic has it ground zero in Washington, DC and it’s center of origin is Congress. This epidemic didn’t start rapidly and overnight, it has grown slowly and under our very noses. In fact the American People have played a huge part in the growth of this pathogen. We have let greed and ambition run rampant in our nation’s capital. [Read more…]

Congress Deserves D – But My Congressman Gets An A+

A+ grade written on a test paper.According to a recent poll [1] the job performance rating of Congress continues to reflect a very low 7% positive job approval score. Why is that?

Why do we accept such poor performance? Do we think if they did more, worked harder, longer, smarter, they’d get a better result? [Read more…]