If I Only Had A Brain – Overcoming The Manipulation Of Political Endorsements By Celebrities

celebrities in politicsVoting is a privilege that we have long taken for granted. It has become subject to the indifference of our entitlement rather than being subject to the scrutiny of our responsibility. The significant work for this next election will not be accomplished by the candidates, or at least it’s not supposed to be. The most important and essential work for the next Presidential election will be accomplished by the electorate, the American voter…you and me. [Read more…]

Do Celebrity Endorsements Have “Star” Power?

StarPower2The public’s voice is loudly heard during national elections. It is the time when everyone is in equal footing with a single vote in choosing the right candidates who should run the government. Whether you are rich or poor, it doesn’t really matter. You only have one ballot that you need to fill out: nothing more, nothing less. [Read more…]