Top 4 Tips for Starting Up an Online Fundraising Campaign?

Online fundraisingBy Jonathan Reynold –

Conducting a fundraising event or program may look like a great race that must be accomplished, successfully. You might have your targeted goals as well as a valid and noble cause for raising funds, but may not be well aware of the strategies required for reaching out to the world and convince others for giving donations. Online fundraising can be the best option as it is an easy and instant process where donors can [Read more…]

Political Fundraising Online

How to Raise Campaign MoneyEven today, the most effective way for political campaigns to raise money is still the ‘old-fashioned’ way – by making calls and holding events. Personal contacts and solicitation are still an integral part of the fundraising process and necessary for raising money.

Online fundraising can be a good way to bring in campaign funds, particularly if you want to target a wider audience and a greater quantity of small donations. As technical barriers have dropped in recent years, more and more local campaigns are raising money online.

Keep in mind that under no circumstances will the internet magically bring in money. Your campaign [Read more…]