How Social Pilot Can Help You Build Your Campaign Event Attendance

Social Media for PoliticsGet out the Vote (GOTV) is of course the most important part of any campaign.  Well, fundraising is a bit of a time consuming task, especially for a political newbie or someone running for a local or less prestigious office.  One of the problems that a new campaign starts off with is how to build a groundswell of support.

Pool parties, pizza parties, buying tickets to the cheap seats at the ballgame if they’ll pepper the place with literature and get petition signatures are all fun and games.  The problem is that everyone SAYS they want to go, but as we have the attention span of about 2 seconds in the age of mobile if it’s not in our calendar with a cute ringtone we tend to forget.

Phone banks are an expensive way for a start up campaign to remind people of their commitment to show up at 10 AM on a Saturday to work for two hours before the “hangover cure” beer and hot dog at the baseball game come as their reward.  However, SocialPilot has a very unique scheduling tool that works across a variety of social platforms, but really works great with Twitter and Facebook as nearly all of your volunteers have the app on their mobile.  AND IT’S CONVENIENT ONE CLICK STUFF!

It works like this:  You WRITE ONE EVENT NOTIFICATION and schedule it as many times as you want in the same “post”.  You can set days, times, number of repeats and like Ron Popeil used to say “SET IT AND FORGET IT” — include calls to action, confirmations whatever you’d like.  It’s like a sales funnel or a drip campaign to get your grassroots volunteers to show up for the event they “subscribed to.”

This helps not only in terms of attendance, but also in terms of budgeting.  Of course you can create multiple messages, but is your absolute best bet, especially at $20 a month for YOUR WHOLE CAMPAIGN.

Tune in for the next post and we’ll talk about how SocialPilot makes Instagram easier that taking a bad selfie!

Check them out, they have a free fully functional trial that’s worth every penny you didn’t spend!