Senate Elections 2014: Democratic Seats To Watch

political disagreementEditor’s note: while this article is clearly pro-Democrat it has important information regardless of your party choice.

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In this year’s senate elections, democrats have 34 seats that are not up for re-election. Of the 21 seats that are up for re-election, just 9 are considered uncompetitive. Here are some of the most competitive seats that require the party to work extra hard:


Mark Udall, a democrat is the current senator and was elected with 53% of the votes in 2008. Udall is 64 years old and seeking re-election. He is going to face Cory Gardner who is a very powerful republican nominee. In addition to facing Cory, Udall will also face Gaylon Kent, a libertarian party nominee.


Tom Harkin, a Democrat is the current senator and he has been at the position for the past five terms. What makes the race competitive is because Harkin will not be seeking re-election. Congressman Bruce Braley is the Democratic nominee and he will be facing Joni Ernst, the republican nominee. Although Doug Butzier died on the plane crash on October 13, 2014, his name will still appear on the ballot paper.


In 2008, there was greatly competition between Al Franken (the current senator and a democrat) and Norm Celman, a republican. It’s expected that there will still be great competition in the state as Franken seeks re-election. Franken will face Mike McFadden, the republican nominee and Hannah Nicollet of the independence party of Minnesota.

New Hampshire

Jenne Shaheen, a Democrat was elected with 52% of the votes in 2008. She is 67 years old and she is seeking re-election. She is going to face stiff completion from Scott Brown, a republican nominee. Brown is very competitive as he represented the neighboring Massachusetts in the Senate from 2010 to 2012.

North Carolina

The current senator is Kay Hagan who was elected with 53% of the votes in 2008. He beat the incumbent republican Elizabeth Dole. Hagan is 61 years old and he is seeking re-election where he will face Thom Tillis, the republican nominee and the state house speaker. Hagan will also face Sean Haugh who is the Libertarian nominee.


These are some of the red states that pose major challenges to the democrats. For the party to win the seats, it needs to put its strategies in place and ensure that it works with the people. While the party has major hurdles to climb, there are a number of states such as Delaware, Hawaii, Ilinois, Massachusetts, New jersey, and New Mexico that are considered to be safe.

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