Real Change

votingReal change in our government can only happen in one of two ways. One is through an Amendment to the Constitution to create term limits for the U.S. Senate and the U.S. Congress. Now that will never happen. What Senator or Congressman will vote in favor of an amendment which will put them out of a job. So that brings us to the second way which is through the U.S. Citizens through their power to vote.

The reason that real change in Washington is not going to happen is due to the fact that there are way too many career politicians there, hence term limits. This career politician thing has allowed power bases and the accumulation of power which then create an agenda that the majority of U.S. Citizens may not agree with hence their will is not represented by elected officials.

The term limit would thwart this ability to build power bases and accumulate power and put new citizens into office to represent the will of the people. We the Citizens have the power to do this by coming out and voting en masse and voting against all incumbent candidates every 1 to 3 terms.

This brings us to one other thing. The media makes issue on all candidates, what are their qualifications for the office they are running for. This is a moot point and has no merit. Our Founding Fathers and the Constitution require only that you are a U.S. Citizen and of a certain age. The idea was that my sons and daughters or yours all have the opportunity to run for elected office in our government. If we are to believe the media that you have to have qualifications then that would almost all but eliminate half or more of our sons and daughters opportunity to serve their country through government.

So next election let the citizens speak real change through our votes by striving to get 80% or more of the voting public to turn out and vote against all incumbent Senators and Congressmen.

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