Politics – Why Politicians Disagree Too Much on Too Many Things

political disagreementWhen it comes to politics there is a very important reason why too many politicians disagree too much on far too many subjects. Having an opinion is positive, but the financial crisis we have just come through should have taught these politicians a few lessons.

Special Interest Groups Support Sides

There is no doubt about the fact that some interest groups support their different sides in politics. Some prefer socialist parties whereas others want liberal values – and some have traditional values. The latter being especially christian groups who typically support the Republicans.

This is not just true in American politics. The trend is seen all over the world.

What Should We Do In a Living Democracy?

In a living democracy it should be a living and vibrant community of politicians that dare to vote against tradition. Why should it be a given that socialists were more ecological than Republicans? It’s all a question of taking good care of the planet we all need for future generations.

In a real democracy, party politics will often work against changes. The special interest groups that support their campaigns cause parties to vote in a certain way when the normal voters would have voted differently. Some have termed this the “democratic deficit” because grassroot thinking disappears once you get into national politics.

The Future of Politics

What politicians need to be mindful of is that one day an average guy is going to get success in going for office. The internet has already changed the way elections run. Where money was a big necessity to penetrate the media, this is no longer needed. You can start a campaign for free on Facebook and Twitter. You need people who are just as involved as the candidate to support the effort in order to penetrate the attention of those who might not use social media. But such supporters will automatically support your ideas when you have a programme that truly fits their opinions.

It is an undeniable fact that parties are challenged nowadays. They are challenged by the opinion that the chain of command is far too long from idea to action. Good ideas are therefore often lost in party groups because they die out due to someone trying to kill the idea before it’s even thought to the end.

All that is going to change once the right candidates appear – and this trend will happen everywhere around the world. The people want their politicians to agree more, even across party limits. That was proved long ago by the way people express themselves in comments and blog articles – and it is going to rock the world of politics in ways we have never seen before.

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