Political Fund Raising At It’s Best

Political fund raising is ofundraisingften very misunderstood with all that happens in politics. There are millions of dollars raised every year for one campaign or another. There are some very basic rules to apply for raising money when running for a political office or position. This article will look at some of the dos and don’ts of political fund raising.

The first key in political fund raising is to have a defined goal and solid plan of action. You need to make sure that you plan out each step for your political fund raiser and then stay on track. You should make sure you have your entire fundraising strategy plan ready to go before announcing your candidacy.

Once you announce that you are running for a particular office or position you should initiate your political fund raising plan quickly. The main reason for launching a political fund raising campaign quickly is because you may discover some set backs and then you can adjust them early before you are already deep into your political campaign.

As with all fund raisers you should always ask for more support than you feel you will need. If you should be so lucky to have every one on your donors list come through for you that will be great, but as we all know it is often not that way.

There are two basic trains of thought when it comes to political fund raising. First, you should ask for your main supporters for donations directly. Second, you can ask your supporters for contacts. The best rule is to apply both strategies.

If you find that you are unsuccessful at first with some of your contacts you will want to approach them again later as your campaign continues — as they may change their view and decide to join you.

The biggest mistake that many people make when planning a political fund raising event is to have the event on an inconvenient night. There are some good nights and some bad night to plan a fund raising event. The best nights are usually on Mondays and Thursdays. The worst nights are Wednesdays and Friday nights as these are generally family nights or nights when people want time to themselves.

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