Political Advertising Strategies For Local Races

The approach for a local campaign is much different than a State wide or National campaign due to one major factor. Money. The campaign is traditionally paid for by the candidate. The traditional methods of knocking on doors, passing out campaign literature and yard signs consume the bulk of the budget. On the final days of the campaign before election day a newspaper ad and maybe a few radio commercials hope to close the deal.

The new approach to local elections involves websites, telephone robo calling and effective radio commercials. The important factor is the identification of a key issue and making it the lifeline of your website and all of your messages. It is time to stop printing literature. As newspapers have shown a decrease of readership, the Internet has seen an increase. This increase is among all ages. Your website should have pictures, audio and video in available. Most are free or low cost to post to your website. Today every eight grade student can make a basic website. Your website need not be fancy, rather easy to read and easy to load. Remember over 50% of America continues to receive their Internet via dial up modem. If your website takes over three seconds to load, the visitor is gone.

Robo calling is very important. The calls must be professional. The call from the candidate, while on face value might seem warm or inclusive, in reality has the opposite effect among focus groups. A message from the candidate places distance, as the voter is accustomed to robo calls being from sources outside the area. The robo call designed properly will bridge this gap and allow the candidate to deliver the message while building a personal bond. You need a professional voice and script. There are many tips to creating an effective robo calling message, the first being, “Always have a reason to be calling.” When you call someone, you dial with a specific intent don’t you? Why should robo calls be any different?

Radio advertising in a local market is often very affordable and a tool overlooked by many. Placing a few ads during the last week of a campaign is a waste of funds. First, most persons have formed an opinion by the last week, second, the ability to communicate with the voters and welcoming them into your campaign needs to happen sooner than later and radio can lay the foundation. Finally, radio is very affordable if you know the FCC rules. Most candidates do not. Are you getting the lowest rates available? Hint: The Political Rate listed on most radio station rate cards, are not the lowest rates.

Scott Radio  http://www.scottradio.com is the copywriter and voice for 2006 Texas US Senatorial Candidate Barbara Ann Radnofsky (Democrat) and Arizona State Senate Candidate William Stoll (Republican). Scott Perreault, CEO of Scott Radio is a radio and narration voice veteran with over twenty years of broadcasting and voice work experience specializing in political and traditional radio commercial copy writing and production. Scott has experienced many facets of the voice business including political robo calling, website voice work and telephone answering voice work. Client testimonials say it all. Visit http://www.scottradio.com today.

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