The Need For Term Limits in Congress

Congressional sealBy Mary Funari –

There is a crisis of epidemic portions in this country, and it continues to attack the American People. This growing epidemic has it ground zero in Washington, DC and it’s center of origin is Congress. This epidemic didn’t start rapidly and overnight, it has grown slowly and under our very noses. In fact the American People have played a huge part in the growth of this pathogen. We have let greed and ambition run rampant in our nation’s capital.

The every American really hasn’t taken the time to really look at the individuals in Congress, how long they have been in office and what they have done or not done for this country. The average American has been too busy trying to keep a roof over their head, food on the table and keeping their bills paid. We have been so busy trying to live our lives that we have let Congress and the White House get away with too much.

While generations past put term limits on the Office of the President, they did not have the fore site to do the same for members of Congress. That has unfortunately come back to haunt the current population and will continue to haunt future generations. Congress is no longer in the business of representing the American People, but in the business of greed, politic favor and lining their pockets. Greed and corruption are more common than honor and duty.

There have been members of Congress who have served for more than 50 years. While it is true that the voters put them there, you have to wonder if the American People would have been better served if their term of service had been limited to a total of 2 terms. Perhaps there would have been less partisan and more bipartisan within both the House and Senate.

Special Interest Groups, huge campaign donations, back room deals, congressional hearings that are for show; all speak to Congress being out of control and out of touch. Lawyers make up the majority of Congress, with this type of majority, how can their truly represent the American People. Where are the doctors, business people, farmers and others who could speak for the populace. Why has campaign reform never been fully addressed? Could it be that money talks?

Congressional members receive a salary of between $150,000 to $250,000. That’s quite a bit more then the Average American. They also receive a pension for life, even if they serve on a 2 year term. They vote themselves raises, without taxpayer consent. Our founding fathers served in Congress for NOTHING! They also didn’t make it a career.

Congressional Leaders will never address this issue, because it’s their job and they like the perks that go along with it. It’s going to take the American People to voice their objections to this abuse of power. The American People need to vote out every incumbent and make Congress wake up and realize that change will happen.

Both major political parties need to realize that Americans across the country are tired of the lack of leadership that exists. Conservatives, Moderators and Liberals in both parties need a wake up call. Americans want real change, not the blame game that continues to play out in the media. Americans want their jobs back. The ones that Congress allowed to leave for foreign countries. We want our industrial base back. We want our elected representative to do their jobs or get out of the way and let real leaders take a shot at it. The American People are tired of “business as usually” mentality that seems to prevail in Congress and in Washington.

Politics can no longer be for a few. Every American, no matter where they live, need to become involved. We have to stop looking at skin color, religious preference or any other barrier. We need to become involved and informed. We need to be the people that we can be and the leaders that we need to be.

As a working wife and mother, I am quite aware of the difficult times that we live in. With high unemployment, families in this country are finding in difficult to make ends might. Our political leaders in local, state and federal levels are too far removed from the average American to understand our concerns.

Time and time again we voice our opinion and the media ignore us or simple view us as simple minded. We tell our so called legislative representatives what we want or don’t want and they either ignore us or bow to special interests.

While, one person can not turn the tide, I do have the Right ad ability to voice a perspective on the current political and social atmosphere in this country.

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