Mobile Politics

Activate your voter or cause related base via mobile.  We all have them, hell we make decisions based upon the “phone device” in our hand.  Raise Money, Get Out the Vote, Register Voters, Create a Labor Issue, they’re all mobile ready.

According to the Pew Research Center, as of September 2012 88% of registered voters own a cell phone. Here are some interesting facts about mobile marketing.

Cell Phones and the future of political fundraising and marketing.

  • 27% of registered voters who use a cell phone used their phones during the 2012 election cycle to follow campaigns or check political news in general.
  • 75% of that group used their cell phone to send and receive text messages.
  • 19% sent messages related to a campaign to family, friends or others.
  • 5% signed up to receive messages directly from candidates or other group involved in the campaign.
  • 5% say they received unwanted election messages that they didn’t sign up to receive.
  • Smartphone owners are an even more engaged group. 48% of registered voters own a smartphone.
  • 45% of smartphone users have used their smartphone to read other’s comments on a social network about a candidate or a campaign in general.
  • 35% used their smartphone during the 2012 election cycle to look up information about a candidate to discover whether or not what they just heard was true or not.
  • 18% used their smartphone to post their own comments on a social network regarding a candidate or a campaign in general.
  • 27% of those watching election night results used both their television and their computer or smartphone.
  • 10% of 2012 Presidential donors donated through text or cell-phone apps.

Source: Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project