Media Uses Polls To Sway Public Opinion

polls3By Gene Labarge –

We have seen a rise in the reporting of polling data over the last few years. There is a reason for that. The liberal media has found a new way to push their agenda under the cover of public opinion.

There are a number of ways these poll results are manipulated and why the media continues to lose credibility by using them. You need to start paying close attention to get a really good feel for how this is done when you hear various poll results reported. There is a significant difference in how frequently certain results are reported depending on which party it benefits. Major liberal issues are given heavy coverage when it gives a positive light on their causes. Then, if the results are unfavorable they find a twist to make it sound better. If their candidate is down 20 points in the polls they will find a demographic that is in favor of their “guy” and use that as a sign that things can turn around. When their candidate gains a couple points it is reported like a horse race where the liberal has built momentum and the Republican is staggering. When their “guy” is way ahead they report it like the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

When results are not to their liking, they use polls where the questions are worded in leading ways. Questions filled with hypothetical situations. The one I have heard a lot lately is “would you support a war that resulted in huge numbers of U.S. casualties. That one is used because of big support for the “War on terror”. You will hear that scenario a lot more than one resulting in huge U.S. civilian casualties from not defending our Country. Apparently these people think it was wrong to stand up to Hitler. Some people have learned nothing from history.

The last presidential election was another example of the media trying to drive opinions via the polls. You will get polling results by Electoral College in every election. However, in the last election we were hammered with it. The media speculated often on the possibility of one candidate losing the popular vote and winning the Electoral College. The polls actually showed Gore as the more likely to win in that scenario. Oops… So much for polls. Afterwards, the media was there, constantly reminding us that Gore won the popular vote and questioning the Electoral College. Didn’t hear many complaints about that before the election. At least the media is consistently hypocritical.

There are other reasons to question the way polls are reported. First of all, should the polls even be considered news at all? When did they become so important? The unreliability of polls caused the media to blow their “projections” in an election for President of the United States of America. I can’t believe they still use polls at all after that.

Who decides which pollsters to use? I’ve seen various pollsters where the results are more in favor of Conservatives than the ones the media uses. Internet polls like tend to have results that lean further to the right than the media polls. I don’t see many references to those results. I guess those results are not fair to liberals. They have trouble clicking on a mouse. It must be too much like punching a ballot.

A major pollster has never contacted me. I am curious how many others have never been polled. I wonder how honest the pollsters are? I do know that the liberal mainstream media will continue to use polling to push their agenda and they have lost all credibility.

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