Maintaining a Political Campaign Web Presence

campaign website2‘If you build a website, they will come’ is still a common belief held by many new to the internet. However, the reality is that people won’t come to your political campaign website unless you promote it both online and offline.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your online campaign presence.

As soon as your campaign website goes live and tested thoroughly, add your website link to your social media profiles and add the site to your bookmark accounts. These new links will trigger the search engines to discover and index your site. In time, pages from your site should start to appear for relevant keyword searches for the candidate’s name or related terms.

Depending on your level of technical expertise, you may want to handle website updates yourself, or you may want others in your campaign to do it, such as a website coordinator.

Some web designers or hosting companies offer website maintenance packages where you pay a flat rate for a set amount of site update time each month. You may find this an attractive option, but be aware of two things:

First, things move fast in a campaign, so how quickly will they make your requested changes or updates? Two, will ALL changes have to go through them?

If your site is set up through a CMS, then the site can be updated by anyone with proper access. Your website coordinator(s) will wear many hats, including:

� Post campaign website or blog updates.

� Manage social network profiles.

� Respond to voter emails and social media correspondence.

� Compose send e-newsletters.

� Coordinate online fundraising page.

� Manage online volunteer offers.

� Handle your online advertising.

Whoever maintains the site will also have the responsibility of maintaining the campaign’s online focus and theme. If you use a volunteer, be sure to keep in close contact with that person. If they do not update the site in timely manner or cannot handle the job, then find someone else to do it.

Some confuse having a campaign website with having an online strategy. A website is only one component of a greater online campaign. You would not pin your candidacy on just having a website any more than you would pin your campaign on a single tri-fold flyer or a snappy bumper sticker. In other words, you not only need a campaign website, but also a plan to develop and market it effectively. is designed to help you create your online political campaign and to use the web to build support, donations and votes. Learn online political training and election campaign strategies that will help you win your election!

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