Local Election Strategy For New Political Campaign Candidates

politician's familyBy Paul R Turner –

If you’re a new candidate who is running for office in a local election political campaign, you might be confused about what kind of strategy you should use for winning votes. Local elections are very different from statewide or national campaigns that you are used to seeing on television every year, and the tactics you should use to win your race are every bit as different. Here are some pointers on what strategies you should use to get voted into office on election day.

First, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need to spend huge amounts of money on your campaign in order to win. In a local election, if your city or district is small enough, you be able to personally meet and greet many of the voters by walking the neighborhoods yourself. While candidates in large races don’t have this luxury, local elections allow a candidate to get a leg up on the competition by working hard and using some elbow grease.

If you’re facing a deficit of campaign funds and still want to get your message and name out to the voters, then be prepared to devote at least an hour a night for door-to-door campaigning in the three months before election day. By arming yourself with simple and effective door cards that outline your background and campaign message, you’ll be able to meet and reach out to literally thousands of voters if you work hard enough.

This kind of shoe leather campaigning doesn’t cost a lot of money, but it is extremely effective in local elections. Most political candidates simply won’t take the time to mount an effective grassroots campaign since it’s so labor intensive and difficult to do. If you decide that you’re wiling to put in the extra time and dedication to visit voters in their own neighborhoods, you’ll likely have a huge advantage over your opponents.

That’s not to say, of course, that you shouldn’t try to raise as much money from supporters as you can in your local election. Again, don’t take the example of large statewide campaigns when judging how much the average donor should contribute. In a local campaign, a donation of ten or twenty dollars from a supporter is very generous. Another very important tip: always be sure to write personal, hand-written thank you cards to every person who donates to your campaign, no matter how small the amount. This kind of personal interaction with your supporters is seldom seen in politics anymore and will make your donors feel much more appreciated.

When you have a nice chunk of funds in your campaign bank account, you need to be careful to make sure that you only spend it on the most effective marketing tools possible. In local elections, direct mail is by far the most effective form of candidate advertising that you could invest in. By putting together a likely voter list of people who you think will take part in your election, you will be able to send out targeted bulk mailings that only reach the homes you need to get your message to. Other forms of advertising simply don’t have the effectiveness as direct mail in political campaigns.

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