Local Election Candidates and Door-To-Door Campaigning

If you’re a local election candidate, one of the most effective ways that you can campaign and win votes is to do door-to-door canvassing in your district or city. While it can be difficult, tiring and time-consuming, personally visiting local voters at their homes is the best way to help them remember your name and your campaign message. You should still pay adequate attention to other campaign strategies–such as fundraising, direct mail and other forms of advertising–but running a great door-to-door campaign is one of the best methods to guarantee a win on election day. Here are a few tips to make that happen.

Before you start canvassing your local neighborhoods, you need to make sure that you print the perfect door card to hand out your neighbors. Ideally, it’s good to make sure that your door card isn’t just fit for dropping at people’s homes. but also for mailing. If you end up with a lot of door cards left at the end of the election season and you have some extra campaign money, you want to be sure that you can mail them rather than throwing them away. To make sure your door cards are mail-ready, include room for mailing labels and postage on the front side.

Once your local election candidate door cards are printed and ready to hand out, it’s time to create your walking list. You can organize your door-to-door political campaign strategy in one of two ways: targeted visits or a shotgun approach. With targeted visits, you sit down and make a list of the address of every targeted voter’s home that you would like to visit. In the shotgun approach, you simply visit every single home in your district or city, regardless of what voter lives there.

If you are targeting specific voters in your door-to-door political campaign, which homes should you visit and which should you skip? By looking at voting results from past elections, you should be able to identify which residences are home to likely voters. By concentrating only on the homes of people who are most likely to vote in your local election, you will save lots of time by ensuring that you are just broadcasting your message to people who will actually be casting a ballot on election day.

While it’s good to knock on the door of every home you visit, keep in mind that knocking will take much more time than just dropping your literature on their door step instead. If you are able to drop a literature piece at every home in your city before election day, that’s the equivalent of an extra bulk direct mail campaign.

Here’s another great tactic that can help voters take a longer look at any campaign literature you leave on their door: sign each one of your door cards personally with a marker. It might take a few weeks to do it, but writing “I’d appreciate your support” on your literature will make voters appreciate the fact that you took some extra time to leave them a personal message.

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