Incorporating Custom USB Drives Into A Political Campaign

usbElection season is now upon us and the competition is heating up in many areas of the country. Anyone running for office is probably feeling quite nervous by now. In order to have a fighting chance, candidates must distinguish themselves from their competition. But, how can they do that when their campaign budget is limited? Three words: custom USB drives. These little wonders are a great way for politicians to capture the support of voters.

Telephone calls and direct mailings have long been the most common methods of communicating with voters. Technology has expanded the options and politicians should use it to their advantage. Candidates can use the USB drive to come into the homes of voters just as if they were meeting with them in person. This method shows the candidate is thinking outside of the box, something voters appreciate in modern-day politicians.

Customizing the drive involves personalizing it with the name of the candidate, the campaign slogan, and campaign logo. Drives come in many colors and styles, so candidates should have no trouble finding the perfect one. Cool USB drives offered in fashionable colors and neat shapes are perfect for younger voters. Traditional styles and colors are suitable for older constituents. Some drives double as a pen or laser pointer, which working voters find useful.

Once the customized drives arrive, they are loaded with video, audio, and electronic documents explaining the political views and platform of the candidate. For an additional fee, companies that sell these drives may offer to load the data and even allocate a portion of the drive for permanent content. If the campaign budget is limited, campaign workers can load the drives with information.

Candidates should brainstorm with staff regarding the best way to distribute the devices. Some staffers offer drives to supporters who make a contribution. These devices may also be distributed to supporters who supply contact information for other voters. The drive serves as a nice introduction to a candidate and his or her political agenda. Distributing these drives at local campaign rallies will definitely drum up support for a candidate.

Campaigns spend a lot of money to obtain voter lists, but Custom USB Drives may be the only thing they need. Offering these at campaign events inspires voters to lend their support to the candidate. This provides campaign workers with plenty of contacts to communicate with through election day. Voters who are undecided may be swayed in the right direction by the information contained on the drive. They can view the contents when they have time and review it as much as necessary.

Promotional flash drives have had many purposes but its role in politics is a relatively new one. These devices provide politicians with direct access to voters in a method that is non-intrusive and very professional. Voters like the convenience factor and appreciate that candidates are not calling their home every day. After the election, they can wipe the drive clean and use it to save their own documents.

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