How Many Non-Voters Are Out There and Why Won’t They Vote?

vote3By Lance Winslow –

Having been involved in politics a bit, I have volunteered registering voters to vote. It is a rather thankless job, but someone has to do the grunt work, so I volunteered to assist in this most important effort. I was amazed at the reasons people do not vote and how adamant they were about not voting; almost taking it as a sense of pride. One gentleman told me:

I will not vote, it will only be cancelled out by some stupid person who sits in front of their TV and there are 100s of millions of those and only a few of me – human politics I am not fond of. Also when someone votes they agree in advance to support the Mob’s decision as correct. I disagree, rarely is the carefully steered mob correct.

Although, this statement totally shocked me, I finally understood why people do not vote. They are fed up with things or have become pessimists over time about the entire election process. After many years of considering this, I have a more solid understanding of what they are talking about. Indeed, the mindless masses have surrendered their brains to the media and actually, I tend not follow the mob either, although realize that the synergy to maintain peace and order is very important.

Recently, someone told me they would not vote because they were a Republican and they lived in California and Hilary was going to win the election anyway, he stated there are millions of people voting Democrat and quite a few less voting Republican. True enough I thought, then he stated:

I believe most likely she will be nominated and most likely become our next President. I support whoever is President. I do not necessarily support the Clinton’s on all issues, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to oppose them either. I wish Hilary had some business experience, but her life experience has taken her elsewhere, she is quite accomplished in so many other ways.

That almost sounded like an endorsement, yet he assured me he did not want her as President, but was sure she would become President and he is already psychologically preparing for it. Interesting indeed. Something Serious to Contemplate in 2008.

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