Gruber, The ACA, and the Stupid American Voter

map ballot boxBy now all of America should be acquainted with the economist from M.I.T. Jonathan Gruber. Oh you’re not familiar with him? If that’s you then you must watch ABC or NBC news which has yet to run any news on Grubergate. You people should start getting your news elsewhere. For your edification, Gruber is an economist who is the architect of the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare. Gruber is the guy who President Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Max Baucus the democratic senator from Montana all praised when the law was presented to the people. Gruber was the guy who the Administration sent to Congress as an objective voice to explain the ACA, even though he was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. Gruber visited the White House over a dozen times and met with the president to discuss the law. Gruber also met with Senator Obama and discussed this law. Gruber also created the computer models that somehow demonstrated that the ACA would be wonderful for everyone. Gruber was involved deeply with this whole leviathan that has been unleashed.

Now in the past two weeks, and this is where those of you who don’t know Gruber should watch and read some alternative press, Gruber has been making some statements that have been caught on tape. Actually the statements are old but the date the video is shown is only two weeks old. In those captured remarks Gruber has stated that the ACA is a tax but the Administration et al. created a very complicated text of the law and the real intent was to hide that fact. As was the idea that healthy people with insurance would be paying for sick people who are without. Gruber stated if the law was presented this way it never would have passed. Gruber also stated the law was designed to have taxes placed on insurance companies not people. As if the insurance company is not going to pass on any tax, ha! At one symposium on the law where he is fielding questions from a state legislative body he answers with such hubris that it is sickening. A politician is reading a letter from a major critic of the law who had asked that if the law passes many problems, like long waiting times, computer sign up malfunctions, higher premiums, loss of doctors and health plans, compromised personal information, etc etc would occur. Gruber mocked the question by saying it sounds like a child is asking these questions. Well the joke is on him (a little) as he is losing some of the money he was contracted for regarding the ACA. He did however make millions on this so the joke is on us.

But what really irked many is Gruber’s stating that the stupidity of the American people is the reason they got it passed. He stated that the lack of sophistication of the American voter regarding tax law and corporation taxation etc allowed them to pass the law. These statements he has made regarding the ACA ‘s passage and basically pulling the wool over America are now being used by those opposed to the ACA which is most of America. Now Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, are denying this guy. Pelosi says she doesn’t know him and Obama states that he was not a staffer. Yes, he was not a staffer, he was the main architect. I didn’t hear the cock crow twice before the Administration was denying they even knew Gruber.

Now what irks me is Gruber’s insistence that the American voter is stupid, uninformed and unsophisticated. And we needed Gruber to make it OK for us all. This is a common bond of most liberals and even most bright people. I remember as a Criminal Investigator for the U. S. Customs Service I brought a case for prosecution to the U.S.Attorney’s Office in New York. The young prosecutor was a double Harvard guy and obviously smart. And although the fraud case was complicated it was very explainable. But the case was rejected and the quote by the very smart prosecutor really showed contempt for the people, ” I can’t do any serious number crunching for a jury; they won’t get it.” They would certainly have gotten it just as Americans saw through this ACA presentation from the jump!

Yes that’s right! America saw through this thing from early on. This law did not get one Republican vote! Not one! So half the people of the country or let’s say 40% were against it and knew it was bad law. So you cannot call those people stupid American voters. That leaves 60% of the rest of the country. Let’s say 40% are Democrat and 20% Independent. Now this is where it gets dicey. The Democrats brought forth another boondoggle of leviathan proportions back in the 60’s called the “Great Society”. It was a destructive measure in the guise of government help to poor people and especially poor black people. One of the sought after results of the “Great Society” undertaking was to secure the black vote forever in Democrat hands. So far that has been the case. I believe that Obama will be successful in just the opposite. I believe that African Americans will realize that politicians are for politicians and keeping power. What happens to the people is secondary. The disenchantment with Obama may loose a few percentage points of African American voters away from the Democrats. This would be a healthy trend for all. The black vote has been taken for granted by the Democrats and some are starting to realize that fact. But getting back to the ACA I believe it was designed to redistribute wealth in the form of health insurance. I believe the people who were for it saw it as a free handout. Others who supported it saw it as a way to secure thankful votes and secure power. These were all democrats and I am sure they all saw through this ACA bill as a bunch of baloney. They saw it for what it was, a tax and free money to some at the expense of others. They saw the votes they would secure by it and they were all in.

Now the other 20% of Americans called Independents have to be heard from. What were they thinking? They voted for Obama twice so they were in his corner. These are the people of America who have good hearts and want to believe the empty promises of a politician. They believed, “if you like your health plan you can keep your health plan”. They believed, ” The average family of four’s health premiums will go down $2500.00.” Those were some big whoppers to believe and yet people bought in because they wanted to see it done. They really wanted everyone to have health care and thought these smart men from Washington could get it done. I think the 2014 elections have shown that these folks have sobered up from the intoxicating lies that was the Affordable Care Act presentation.

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