Money.   Money.  Money.  It in fact does buy you friends, who hopefully have more money!   Political Fundraising doesn’t have to kill you, if you have a strategy!

We will include mobile, tablet and social media based fundraising along with online and email in our evaluation of the marketplace.

In the 2012 President Election, Obama accomplished the following in terms of Digital Fundraising.

  • $690 million out of $1 Billion raised (doesn’t include Third Party Groups)
  • 45 million “likes” on Facebook didn’t hurt their social media fundraising
  • The campaign’s social network for supporters “Dashboard” helped to organize and promote nearly 360,000 events with over 1.1 million RSVP’s to those events
  • Over 1 million people downloaded the campaign’s Facebook App resulting in 600,000 supporters sharing information with an estimated 5,000,000 individual targets.

As we move toward the next election cycle, nearly every electronic device from computer to phone to ATM to your paycheck will officially become a political fundraising device (if you’re a union member or supporter of an organization that takes monthly “dues” from you then you understand!).

Our “communication” obsession presents a whole new set of opportunities to raise money for political campaigns of all sorts. The $1,000 check has now become 200 $5 email or Facebook or Twitter solicitations, something over the phone, while you’re speaking to them face to face or on TV, or QR Response Code donations! If you don’t know what a QR code is, Google it, or get one for free at

There are a variety of ways you actually get charged for these donations, similar to merchant fees if you were a retail store. Don’t always go for the lowest percentage. You might find some value added firms that charge the same or less, but proactively work toward your success for little or no additional fees. has a contribution model specifically designed for political campaigns, replete with reporting and decent rates.

You have to shake the tree to get the money. The “online/interactive” tree is growing faster than the blood of tyrants can fuel it! Thomas Jefferson would have a PayPal account and his own mobile app!