Our Founding Father’s Wanted a Citizen Run Government – That Means All Citizens Rich and Poor

We want youBy Lance Winslow –

Well, our Founding Fathers sure seemed to understand the issues of power, dictator tyranny, human nature, primate politics, and government didn’t they? Indeed, the documents they drew up were pretty decent along with their ideas for a citizen run government, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it. But before you get all warm and fuzzy, why not consider the challenges this causes, and what happens when a “pure democracy” is granted, when those very citizens are promised something by the duly elected, which they simply can never deliver, those duly elected being citizens.

Likewise consider if you will the citizens who’d be so duped into voting for such non-sense, and the unethical citizen that might promise such, knowing full well it’s not achievable. We have an ethics and integrity problem in our society, and we must draw upon our citizens to volunteer to lead in our society. Well, as the percentage of those with integrity and honest dwindles and more folks who are unethical run for office; this whole concept of a citizen run government comes under challenges. And mind you, aren’t we seeing that now?

The reality is that we are all citizens here, well all those except non-resident visitors and illegal immigrators. Normally, they do not run for office, because they cannot prove citizenship, so really they are not able to become our political leaders anyway. Still, when our founding fathers stated that they wanted a citizen run government, they meant all citizens should be involved; wealth and privileged crowd, and the average citizen who just wanted to make things better.

All too often our population and media seems to think that a citizen run government to mean regular people and not successful entrepreneurs, wealthy elite, or blue blooded Americans. This causes a huge problem as it divides classes. Also, when this tact is taken out of context, it is used to alienate successful business people, wealthy citizens, and historical lineages from getting a fair shake. Some of which have achieved great things, built companies, and given back to the common good out of their own good nature.

Our founding fathers wanted a citizen government – that would mean all citizens could run for office. Many of them were of the wealthy class, and they considered themselves citizens too, as we all should. It only takes a little observation of the current political climate to see that there are many citizens who do not belong in public office and clearly do not have the ethical fiber to lead this great nation at any level of government. I hope you will consider this when you vote, and deeply think on the consequences of your previous voting actions.

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