Have You Ever Considered Running For Public Office?

women politicianRecently, a political blogger I know, and actually disagree with politically announced his running for a Congressional District near me. Now, realize, I would never vote for this gentleman and have even had discussions, well, political arguments online with him. Nevertheless, I applaud anyone willing to tough it out in the world of politics, it’s a rough sport.

A citizen who is willing to stick their neck out, to promote the betterment of the community and battle themselves and their own ethical standards against the political process and bureaucracy, well to that citizen, whoever they may be or whatever differences they have with me personally, I guess I salute you.

Having been involved in politics a bit, I will say it takes a very strong willed person to throw caution to the wind and expose themselves to the live fire, sound and fury and all the chaos and controversy that elections are known for.

Now before this gentleman, political blogger can even get his name on the ballot he will need some 10,000 signatures. So, I say; “Good luck and god’s speed in the signature race.” If it were easy, which it’s not by any means, then I suppose everyone would run for office. Let me tell you, it can be a huge barrier to entry getting 10,000 signatures and there are even services you can hire to get them for you.

Well, like I said, I will not be voting for him, but everyone has the right to run and we should give them an high markets on personal character as they go for it simply for the attempt!

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