Forget Career Politicians, Voters Are America’s True Problem

Vote250When John Kennedy ushered his now famous quote about not asking what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, he triggered an emotional chord in political awareness that probably became an essential building block in America’s civic responsibility culture. [Read more…]

Politicians Can Extend Voter Reach

political partiesWhether opening the news paper, turning on the radio or TV, it would be hard to miss the fact election time is here. Your campaign might not be for president, however your seat is just as important and in a tight race, every vote is the one that may push your campaign over the top for a win. With studies showing that 96% of text messages sent out by politicians are being read by potential voters and with response rates as high as 80-90%, the question becomes – Why isn’t my campaign using texting as a tool to reach its voters? Whether or not your campaign is – is your campaign maximizing its reach by taking advantage of the most current technologies? [Read more…]

Political Push Polling – A Sneaky Form of Bullying

polls2Political push polling calls become an issue every time an election occurs. Push polling is a technique used in political campaigns in which an organization or individual attempts to alter or influence the view of others by pretending to conduct a poll. In many cases, push polling is a form of propaganda that is telemarketing-based, and is typically recognized as a type of negative campaigning. [Read more…]

When Should Your Campaign Start Get Out the Vote?

vote3Get out the vote, or GOTV, is a phase of a political campaign that is focused on getting more of your supporters out to vote on Election Day. Essentially, you are contacting preferably known but oftentimes also likely supporters to remind them about the upcoming election and support your candidacy for elected office. [Read more…]

Your Right to Vote – A Brief History

Register to Vote200The right to vote in these United States is at once both our greatest privilege and our most important responsibility. For over 200 years brave patriots have shed their blood to support and defend our democracy. Given the importance of the upcoming elections, I would hope that everyone who is eligible to vote will do so. [Read more…]

Elections – How to Decide Who Deserves Your Vote

Vote250Elections are an exciting, yet sometimes confusing time for many voters. Whilst some people immediately know which party they’re going to give their vote, others are uncertain about the options they’re presented with. [Read more…]

Why Don’t More People Vote in Elections?

votingQuite unfortunately, perhaps the proper question to be asked is “Why vote in elections?”

Historically America has maintained a two party political system and although the names may change, like the Whigs to the Republicans, the idea was a checks and balance system of government. Each party was to hold a different philosophy on most major issues and by voting one party or the other, the people could dictate the direction of the country. [Read more…]

Are You Registered to Vote?

Register to Vote200Voting is your right but we should always think of it as a privilege to be cherished. If we don’t cherish our right to vote, we won’t get out there and let our voices be heard and eventually, our rights could be violated. Don’t allow that to happen. Many people in this country sacrificed so much so that we could have freedom ~ life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. [Read more…]

Do You Vote?

Vote250A few days ago, I received the following email message (I’ve edited out the personal details):

“Subject: Do You Vote?”

“I apologize ahead of time if this is in any way beyond the boundaries of our communication…”

“I don’t usually get into discussions where people have such high emotions linked to their opinions on a topic.” [Read more…]

Why Do Millions of Registered Voters Never Vote?

vote3The 2004 presidential election recorded one of the largest turnouts in recent American politics, as incumbent President George W. Bush defeated challenger Senator John Kerry. That year, 63.8% of registered voters turned out to cast their votes. So, where were the other 36.2% of registered voters? [Read more…]