Gruber, The ACA, and the Stupid American Voter

map ballot boxBy now all of America should be acquainted with the economist from M.I.T. Jonathan Gruber. Oh you’re not familiar with him? If that’s you then you must watch ABC or NBC news which has yet to run any news on Grubergate. You people should start getting your news elsewhere. For your edification, Gruber is an economist who is the architect of the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare. Gruber is the guy who President Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Max Baucus the democratic senator from Montana all praised when the law was presented to the people. [Read more…]

ElectionWatch 2014: Setback in Tennessee

map ballot box

On Thursday, August 7, longtime Tennessee Senator and establishment Republican Lamar Alexander cruised to victory over Tea Party challenger Joe Carr in the state’s primary election. This is undeniably a setback for the Tea Party movement at the national level, although not such an utter failure for that movement as the mainstream media would like us to believe. As Paul Harvey used to say, “You know what the news is. In a minute, you’re going to hear the rrrrest of the story!” [Read more…]

Addressing Low Voter Turnout in a Mid-Year Election

negative pollBy Patti Schwartz

We have heard the pundits and read the bloggers discuss the reasons for continual low voter turnout. This has especially come to light with the recent special election held in Florida.

Historically, mid-year election voter turnout is low. However, the so-called mid year elections races are the ones that tend to have a more direct effect on our lives. A senatorial, congressional, gubernatorial, mayoral or village dog control officer race will ultimately touch on more personal topics than a presidential race. It is normally not until after all the votes are tallied that voters; especially those that did not go to the polls, begin to voice their disdain and criticism. [Read more…]

Is Apathy Alive And Well Amongst Youth In Our Twenty-First Century Political Scene?

youthStatistics show that a large proportion of young potential voters, have not yet registered on the Electoral Roll. Why is this the case and what solutions can be put into place to rectify this situation? The latest figures of 1.5 million Australians, who are eligible to vote, have not yet enrolled. Naturally, this is of concern as the pre election campaigning has kicked off, and political parties are desperate to secure their support. [Read more…]

Getting Your Vote Right!

vote for meBy Thomas A Armstrong –

Political strategists claim that negative campaigning and advertising are much more effective than positive messages. Radio, TV and newspapers seem to search out these comments and stir up controversy in order to increase interest in their programming. [Read more…]

50 Shades of Voters and Election Decisions

How to Increase Voter TurnoutDo you think in shades of gray? Or does the world look black and white to you?

No, we aren’t surveying people about the latest naughty novel. What we are into is learning about the ways voters think and, specific to this post, when they make decisions [Read more…]

Real Change

votingReal change in our government can only happen in one of two ways. One is through an Amendment to the Constitution to create term limits for the U.S. Senate and the U.S. Congress. Now that will never happen. What Senator or Congressman will vote in favor of an amendment which will put them out of a job. So that brings us to the second way which is through the U.S. Citizens through their power to vote. [Read more…]

Public Political Participation in United States Government

How to Increase Voter TurnoutBy Camelia Johnston –

The United States of America was established through the bloody and arduous endeavors of federalists such as George Washington and John Adams. In the famous Declaration of Independence, the patriots who fought for the freedom of the colonies from the British monarch include in their nationalist exposition that the government they intend to create shall derive its just power from the consent of the governed. [Read more…]

Lying With Statistics – Politics As Usual

polls3Lying with statistics has always been part of politics, but it has perhaps become more prevalent as we have become more mathematically illiterate as a people. In fact, 65.7% of statistic are just plain false. Okay, I invented that one – but to make a point. One of the easiest ways to lie with statistics is to make them up. Being “precise” makes them more believable too, which is why I didn’t round that off to 67%. [Read more…]

How Many Non-Voters Are Out There and Why Won’t They Vote?

vote3By Lance Winslow –

Having been involved in politics a bit, I have volunteered registering voters to vote. It is a rather thankless job, but someone has to do the grunt work, so I volunteered to assist in this most important effort. I was amazed at the reasons people do not vote and how adamant they were about not voting; almost taking it as a sense of pride. One gentleman told me: [Read more…]