Political Radio Advertising

With the landscape of American politics becoming extremely polarized, the scope and type of radio commercials that are produced will be challenged to offer rhetoric and copy that touches the heart and not deflect off the shield that surrounds the soul of most voters. The conditioning of the mind has been evolving since the first political radio commercials. [Read more…]

The Radio Tag Line Defines the Candidate

The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) now requires a tag line on all radio political advertisements. The candidate, in his own voice, must identify himself and state that he endorses the communication. Many felt this change would effect the aggressive nature of political advertising. In fact, it has become an unexpected asset for candidates who can afford radio advertising. [Read more…]

Political Voiceovers – How to Choose the Voice of Your Campaign

Political Radio AdvertisingThe right voiceover is as important to your political commercial as the message. Whether the commercial is for a candidate running for President or dog catcher, the most successful users of political voiceover know that doing it right can result in victory while using the wrong political voice talent almost always renders the message ineffective.

We are talking here about voice talent. Not announcers, not actors, but people who combine those skills with others to create a special sound that uniquely links a message to a candidate or political position (such as a ballot initiative).

Here are five hot points to keep in mind when auditioning and hiring a voice talent for your political spot. [Read more…]

Using Radio Advertising Effectively in Political Campaigns

The worst week in the life of the radio station’s scheduling department is the week before election day. Every local, regional and national candidate expects to purchase as much air time as they can afford and demand the station find room on the daily commercial log for their message. The months of campaigning come to a crisis point and the mad dash to the radio stations ensues. Do you enjoy listening to radio during the last week of an election? Exactly. An endless stream of the same commercials repeated and repeated and, well, you get the point. [Read more…]