Cheap Political Television Commercials Have Changed Political Races at All Levels

TV AdsBy S. R. Perreault –

“Our campaign can’t afford television” sadly are words said too often in political campaign offices.

The reality is the days where political candidates could not afford television are not part of our past. With the advent of political media production companies designed to assist candidates and special interest concerns at the local level, the ability to present a positive, professional image of your campaign is available for a mere $499. [Read more…]

Yard Signs – Creative Ways to Make an Impact

campaign signsThe use of yard signs remains a campaigning staple in both local and national elections, probably because they are colorful, large, to-the-point, and, if properly placed, your political signs will be viewed by a very high number of potential voters. Places they are typically spotted range from the front yards of supporters’ homes and businesses to the sides of high traffic roads and in front of polling locations. [Read more…]

Campaign Managers and Political Election Analysis

campaign analysisIf you’re a campaign manager who is running the election efforts of a political candidate, then analyzing election statistics from past years can help you get a better grasp on exactly what it will take to win your race. [Read more…]

Political Robo Calls

roobocallsPolitical Robo Calls are a powerful tool to reach out to potential or likely voters in your target district, region, state, or country. But these calls must be used appropriately to not anger people and create a negative impact on the campaign or goal. But when used effectively robo calls (voice broadcasting) can be a very powerful way to get your political message out almost instantly for a fraction of the cost of direct mail, TV, or radio advertising. [Read more…]

Robocall – Do’s and Don’ts For Political Candidates

roobocallsRobocalls are pre-recorded phone messages that candidates or political groups send before elections. Candidates hire robocall services that use autodialing technology capable of sending hundreds of calls simultaneously, thus the name “robocall,” or delivering messages robotically. Content of the messages can vary, including soliciting support at the polls, or responding to last minute attacks. [Read more…]

Political Marketing – How Does Email Marketing Compare to Other Forms of Political Advertising

emailIs Email Marketing a good form of Political Marketing?

Political advertising through email offers many advantages for the elected official or candidate. With it becomingly increasingly difficult to rely on landlines for immediate voter contact and communication, email is an easy alternative that can reach millions in a matter of moments. Using email properly can in fact be the reason for success of one candidate over another. The trick is in getting those voters mobilized from behind their laptops to volunteer in other ways and to cast their vote on Election Day. [Read more…]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Election Campaign Signs

campaign signsElection campaign signs are most probably the first form of advertisement voters see. Having a successful sign placement strategy is very vital for the success of your campaign strategy. It also ensures that the money spent on purchasing the signs is put to good use.

Candidates seek to promote their names during campaigns, and proper use of political campaign signs is very essential. Discussed below are some tips on how you can get the most out of these yard signs. [Read more…]

Pay Per Click Management: Effective Campaign Strategy

websiteThere are a lot of marketing campaigns now days. In our current generation, we all know that internet is a modern way of communication aside from telephone, music, film and television. The internet consists of billion of users worldwide that carries comprehensive or wide information resources. Many companies are thinking of the best way on how to sell their product or advertise their product using the internet. [Read more…]

Great Ways of Using Political Election Signs

campaign signsPolitical campaigns and political elections signs go hand-in-hand. In terms of cost effectiveness and exposure, political signs are most probably the best way to promote your campaign.

However, it’s important to note that having a clearly defined strategy for campaign promotion is primary to increasing the chances of winning an election. You should therefore not rely on signs entirely, but only use them to boost your name recognition. [Read more…]

How To Cash-In With Political Fundraising Leads

How to Raise PAC MoneyBy Don Drapers –

Reaching Your Goal With Political Fundraising Leads

You are a tireless worker, passionate about your goals, but there are only so many hours in a day and you have so much ground to cover with each campaign! There are plenty of people out there who would donate to your political causes and campaigns, but finding them can be a daunting task even for a seasoned fundraiser. The solution is as close as your mailbox! Political fundraising leads are customized to suit your specific needs saving you countless hours of searching for donors who would love to contribute to your political project or spending hours pitching to someone who has no serious interest in what you are trying to accomplish.

Professional companies have already spent years developing a wide range of databases to provide you with lists of viable donors who fit the exact description of what you are looking for. Regardless of your party affiliation, political philosophies, project requirements, or other variables there are donors who want to hear from you and assist you with your project. The size of your project does not matter. Leads are available from all socioeconomic levels, triggered by factors such as zip code, party affiliation, income level, age level, activity level, and even past philanthropic activity.

This helps to insure that every postage stamp, email, fax and ounce of energy is put to its highest and best use. You want to be a good steward of your organization’s time and money. They have placed their trust in you, and you take your duties seriously. Finding worthy donors who will welcome your communication and act upon it can assure the success of your important work. You can select from mailing lists, call lists, fax lists and of course Internet lists.

You choose the demographic and the companies do the rest. There are more than 100 lifestyle and demographic categories to pick from, assuring you of the most specific and effective group of donors you can possibly find. Reaching your funding goals has never been more direct than targeting exactly the right donors the first time you try. Make your next campaign the one everyone will be talking about for years to come with professional leads.

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