The Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has huge potential for businesses and customers and even though it is presently not well known predictions indicate that within the next three years more than half of those using the internet will be accessing the web through handheld devices and mobiles. This type marketing is more than just bombarding people with SMS or texting messages, it also involves mobile applications and mobile friendly websites where marketers can target much larger audiences. In addition, with the greater abundance of mobile phones marketers will be able to deliver ads specifically to these users and as GPS systems become more popular marketers will know the location of the users and send appropriate ads to individual users. [Read more…]

The Beginner’s Text Message Advertising Tutorial

In business, there are only two questions owners ask about anything new: “What is it?” and “What can it do for me?” All other questions are merely to clarify one of those two.

For today’s business owner, the “newest” new is “text message advertising.” So, let’s answer the questions.

What is it?

If you have been out and about at all in the last few years, you have seen nearly every teenager busily pecking away on their cell phone– not talking, but texting. According to CTIA. the wireless industry’s closest thing to a trade group, there are more text messages sent every day than there are people on the planet. [Read more…]

Texting – Fostering and Sustaining

A Cellular phone is one of the indispensable communication tools for many nowadays. They view it as an extension of their body, life, and personality. Many cell phone companies are now rising to produce various cell phone units that fit the needs of the consumers in a very affordable cost. With this proliferation of cellular phones, you can hardly identify which person owns a mobile unit and who doesn’t. The number of cell phone users is increasing because of the mobile phone’s easy to use interface and its multi-purpose features which includes fast and global connectivity. Indeed, a cellular phone is a must-have. [Read more…]

Politicians Can Extend Voter Reach

Whether opening the news paper, turning on the radio or TV, it would be hard to miss the fact election time is here. Your campaign might not be for president, however your seat is just as important and in a tight race, every vote is the one that may push your campaign over the top for a win. With studies showing that 96% of text messages sent out by politicians are being read by potential voters and with response rates as high as 80-90%, the question becomes – Why isn’t my campaign using texting as a tool to reach its voters? Whether or not your campaign is – is your campaign maximizing its reach by taking advantage of the most current technologies? [Read more…]

How to Boost Your Campaign With Political Text Messages

The most significant advantage of mobile marketing or text messaging is its immediacy. Today most people carry their cell phones with them at all times. So when a text message is sent, it is guaranteed that it has reached its target audience, no matter where they are. Mobile marketing is a great way to connect to your target audience when you have a time bound message that needs to get going right away.

A campaign message sent via email can probably get lost among the many messages in your inbox and thus miss out on the intended purpose. On the other hand, text messages sent to cell phones have a high probability of hitting the target. [Read more…]