The Political Party – A Tool Or Tyranny

political partiesAn article appeared on on January 2, 2009 about the trouble the Democrats are having and are expecting to have this coming election year. The Democrats are in danger of losing Congressional seats to the Republicans. Reading this article causes me to reflect again on the important role political parties have played in our country’s history. In my article of July 18, 2009, I used George Washington’s farewell address to argue that political parties are inherently bad for the country, and that while we cannot get rid of the party system altogether, we should avoid the spirit of the political party. [Read more…]

Your Big Opportunity

volunteerAre you waiting for your next BIG opportunity to come by so that you can grab it? Are you in a holding pattern thinking that this opportunity is going to knock on your door and say, “Here I am”? If this describes you right now, then let’s discuss some steps to take. [Read more…]

The Real Voice of America

Stars and stripesNovember 19, 1863 – Four and a half months following the defeat of the Confederate forces at the Battle of Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln stood at the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery and delivered one of the most influential speeches in American history. It was there that he reminded all Americans of the principles upon which our country was founded. [Read more…]

Tips on Getting Involved in Politics

public speaking 2Getting angry won’t change San Diego politics, but getting involved might! All over the country, Americans are expressing increasing dissatisfaction with government. A tanking economy is sure to provoke government satisfaction in any era, but on top of that America also has unpopular wars on terrorism to stir up the public. Government overspending in some areas, and brutal funding cuts in others, has created political decisions in America that all too often are not a representation of the mass opinion. [Read more…]

The Role of Volunteers in a Campaign For Local Office – Part 2

politician's familyWe previously discussed the first three of the seven distinct elements of a local campaign requiring volunteers.

The seven elements are:

1. Developing printed materials for fundraising, canvassing, mailing, and lit drops [Read more…]

Get Elected With Political Campaign Yard Signs

Yard signsBy Julie Pitts –

During a political campaign it is imperative to get your name out there. You can hold press conferences, give speeches at local events, get involved in charity work, and run television promotions. All of these common methods make your voice heard. Another great way to spread the word is by posting political campaign yard signs. [Read more…]

The Winning Number of Political Campaign Votes

How to Increase Voter TurnoutThe last event in an political campaign election is when they count the votes. Oddly enough,  To win, you have to ask yourself: “How many votes do I need?” and, “Where will I get them?”

You have to begin by picking the number. You have to decide how many votes it will take, probably, to give you a victory in your campaign. That number is likely to be a lot smaller than you might think at first. [Read more…]

Local Election Candidates and Door-To-Door Campaigning

If you’re a local election candidate, one of the most effective ways that you can campaign and win votes is to do door-to-door canvassing in your district or city. While it can be difficult, tiring and time-consuming, personally visiting local voters at their homes is the best way to help them remember your name and your campaign message. You should still pay adequate attention to other campaign strategies–such as fundraising, direct mail and other forms of advertising–but running a great door-to-door campaign is one of the best methods to guarantee a win on election day. Here are a few tips to make that happen. [Read more…]

Setting Up Grass Roots Political Movements – A Thought on Presidential Candidate Politics

Grassroots Political Movements must remain non-bureaucratic, as they gain fluidity of motion in operating that way. If a group becomes too over laden with steering committees, organizing committees, etc. then they just cannot take advantage of opportunities, which invariably present themselves during the campaigns.Setting Up Grass Roots Political Movements – A Thought on Presidential Candidate Politics

This is why it is often necessary to recruit new blood into the local campaigning organizations, and involve younger people also. Committees and discussion is fine, but these groups need to be less bureaucratic and more “no slack in light attack” type scenario. Just Do It! [Read more…]

Political Campaign Letter Writing Tips

Political Letter to the EditorLetters to the editor is a powerful way of getting your campaign message across and influencing public opinion. While you are likely get a few letters from close friends and supporters, it helps to have an organized letter-writing campaign to local newspapers and publications to help shape the issues and your public positions. A letter-writing campaign can be assigned to a volunteer to organize. All they need to do is to find volunteers willing to write pro-candidate letters. [Read more…]