Campaign Finance

Campaign finance in the United States changes from election cycle to election cycle and can be complicated.  The chart below regards FEDERAL candidates.   Local and State campaign finance limits and filing requirements differ on a State by State basic.  Check with your individual State for their limits and requirements CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR STATE.

To each candidate1 To national party committee2 To state, district & local party committee2 To any other political committee2 Special Limits
Individual may give $2,500 $30,800[Note 1] $10,000[Note 2] $5,000 $117,000[Note 1] overall biennial limit;

National Party Committee may give $5,000 No limit No limit $5,000 $43,100[Note 1] to Senate candidate per campaign[Note 3]
State, District and Local Party Committee may give $5,000[Note 2] No limit No limit $5,000[Note 2] No limit
PAC (multicandidate)[Note 4] may give $5,000 $15,000 $5,000[Note 2] $5,000 No limit
PAC (not multicandidate)[Note 4] may give $2,500[Note 1] $30,800[Note 1] $10,000[Note 2] $5,000 No limit
Authorized Campaign Committee may give $2,000[Note 5] No limit No limit $5,000 No limit

Table footnotes

  1. a b c d e f g indexed for inflation
  2. a b c d e combined limit
  3. ^ This limit is shared by the national committee and by the national Senate campaign committee
  4. a b A multicandidate committee is a political committee with more than 50 contributors which has been registered for at least 6 months and, with the exception of state party committees, has made contributions to 5 or more candidates for federal office.
  5. ^ A federal candidate’s authorized committee(s) may contribute no more than $2,000 per election to another federal candidate’s authorized committee(s).