Your Big Opportunity

volunteerAre you waiting for your next BIG opportunity to come by so that you can grab it? Are you in a holding pattern thinking that this opportunity is going to knock on your door and say, “Here I am”? If this describes you right now, then let’s discuss some steps to take.

First, opportunity is something that does not normally just drop by your home one-day and say, “Here I am.” Opportunity is something that normally takes place as you are in process of doing something else.

When you are working on something that is seemingly insignificant or not as important as you might think is when opportunity usually strikes.

I’ve heard one of the reasons Honda has such great automobiles versus some of the American automobiles. While the American engineers were working on the next big breakthrough, Honda engineers were simply working on the small improvements each year and in the process of making the small improvements, they found the big improvements.

You may be aware of the book, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen. In his book he discusses the concept of improving just 1% per day. Doing just a little bit more each day. Reading just 10 pages from a good book each day. Listening to one audio from someone that can help you each day. Finding a way to improve just 1% each day. By making these small changes each day, over time you will have a compounding effect and then create a tremendous change.

It’s in the process of the compounding effect that you actually encounter the opportunity that you are seeking. Opportunity seeks those that are already in process of doing something. In some cases it does not matter what it is that you are doing, it’s simply that you are doing something. In other cases it could be that you are doing something that is in line with what you are seeking and therefore the opportunity seeks you out because you were working towards it. Bottom line is you were in process.

I have a desire to run for political office some day in the future. I decided to volunteer in my local party county office. I thought that it was a good place to start and figure what was going on in my area. It has turned out to be a good place to be and I have learned a lot being there.

What would you like to create this year? As you look at this goal, what can you do now that would put you in the path of the opportunity you seek? Would you like a new job or career? Is there some place you can volunteer that would give you exposure to those that are in your desired field? In many cases, it’s people that decide to volunteer their time somewhere while seeking a new job that find what they are looking for while they are volunteering.

Part of volunteering is giving. It’s giving of your time and your talents. And, whenever you give there is a law of sowing and reaping that acted upon and as you sow, you shall also reap. So, by sowing your time, you are potentially able to reap that which you seek, your new job or career.

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