The Best Political Memes of the 2012 US Election

randomactsofchaos:Chris Weyant/The Hill (05/23/2012)By Dean Walsh 

The candidates are now all but chosen, and the election season is gearing up to reach its zenith as we approach November. This is the time when interest in politics is at its height, and many people who usually only show a passing interest in political issue begin to pay more attention, and even start wanting to share their own political opinions.

One of the latest, easiest and most interesting ways to express and share a political viewpoint today is through memes. Basically these are images which anyone can easily recaption and share through a meme generator website. It easy, they are usually funny and entertaining, and they are becoming increasingly popular.

I’m sure that as the election season progresses we will see many new and funny images, but there have already been some great examples. Here is a list of some of my favourite political memes so far:

  1. Rick Perry 123: This one popped up when GOP candidate Rick Perry could only remember 2 of his three key policies. People started posting obvious lists of three with Perry forgetting the last one, like: Rock, Paper and Uhh?
  2. Scumbag Obama: Scumbag Steve and his instantly recognizable hat is a mainstay of meme websites. But now his hat has migrated to all sorts of other characters along with the epithet ‘Scumbag’.
  3. Bully Boy Romney: This all started off when a range of bullying allegations came to light about Mitt Romney in his younger days. It is based on an angry looking picture of Romney pointing towards the camera and many of the captions refer to the candidates positions on women’s issues and gay marriage.
  4. Upvoting Obama: This started as an in joke on reddit. It is based on a picture of President Obama drinking a pint of Guinness and giving a thumbs up and was originally used for jokes about voting things up on Reddit, but now mainly features political Jokes about the president. One of my favourites is ‘Inflation? That Makes the Economy Bigger Right?’ with the president obviously giving a thumbs up to inflation.

So whether you are looking for a little bit of entertainment and election humor, or whether you have a political opinion you would like to express and share with other people, or if you would like to share some funny images that already express your opinion with friends, perhaps you should take a few moments out of your day to check out one of the top political meme generator websites.

Dean Walsh is the webmaster one of The Daily Satire [], which has its own Political Meme Generator []

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