5 Reasons Why Political Candidates Should Create Campaign Websites Early

Political Candidate Web DesignMost election campaigns are comprised of two parts – the primary campaign and the general election campaign. A primary narrows down the candidates of each party who seek a particular office. The winner(s) of the primary election go on to be listed on the ballot for the general election. It’s the general election that determines who ultimately wins the office.

Many local candidates make the mistake of waiting to start a campaign website. They may feel that they do not need one until the general election. Or they may not want to put in the investment until after they’ve won their primary. That can be a big mistake! Not putting enough effort early on can doom a candidate’s changes of political success.

Here are five reasons why a candidate should start a campaign website before their primary race:

1) Websites are simply good marketing. During a primary, the focus of a campaign site will be tailored to appeal to the party base. A candidate must convince this group of voters that they are the best person to carry the party going forward. After the primary, the site focus can shift to address the issues and concerns of voters at large.

2) Starting a website early helps build momentum for later in the campaign. By promoting your website early, a candidate can build a base of supporters that can be used during the general election for contributions and boots-on-the-ground campaigning.

3) Campaign websites can be used for fundraising. Primaries cost money, and more money a candidate can raise early, the better financial advantage they will have during the primary – and later, when things really heat up.

4) Every candidate is now online! Well, not EVERY candidate – yet. More and more voters are turning online for political news. Voters will be looking for candidates online. Better for voters to find and use your website as a source of information than your opponent’s site!

5) Supporters are already online. The most active campaign volunteers tend to be those who use the Internet for communication and news. Those are the people to tap into for both online and offline support.

The Internet is a great format for candidates to communicate with their voters. A well designed website can be an effective campaign and fundraising tool, and should be considered by any candidate running for any local office.

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