Setting Up Grass Roots Political Movements – A Thought on Presidential Candidate Politics

Grassroots Political Movements must remain non-bureaucratic, as they gain fluidity of motion in operating that way. If a group becomes too over laden with steering committees, organizing committees, etc. then they just cannot take advantage of opportunities, which invariably present themselves during the campaigns.Setting Up Grass Roots Political Movements – A Thought on Presidential Candidate Politics

This is why it is often necessary to recruit new blood into the local campaigning organizations, and involve younger people also. Committees and discussion is fine, but these groups need to be less bureaucratic and more “no slack in light attack” type scenario. Just Do It!

And energy and action breeds more of the same, where as the older folks, they show up to vote, but are not so good for walking precincts more than their own neighborhoods and only if they are influencer types. One thing I have always noticed is that older folks want to sit around and discuss things, but when it comes to election campaigns, ACTION is the key, not TALK.

People power is a must and it should also be noted that teens and young adults have Text Messaging capability and have lots of friends to help in the efforts. This type of rapid communication is a social thing and they have the ability to a blast Text Messages or instant phone trees through texting. They can easily give instant instructions of where to meet and it might involve hundreds if not thousands of people if done correctly. By using this strategy, you can get instant help, and fun.

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